Why I get up at Kyla o’clock?

Hello World!

Well…that may be a bit broad because I am pretty sure that this blog won’t reach the entire world so maybe I should just say Hello Peeps.

Yesterday I was speaking with a co-worker at the gym about work-life-balance and she asked me how I do it? She is not the first person who has asked me this. She told me that she got up to go to the gym, then got side tracked by work email and then even stopped on the way to the gym to check her email again on her phone. What? You are not on work time so why are you working I asked her? I told her that she needs to have work life balance. I started telling her that she would get a routine of it if she really wanted to. She asked me really do you think?

So, I thought I could maybe I could share what motivates me to get up at Kyla o’clock  and start my day off with coffee and a workout all before 8:28am.

Each day is kinda the same but I like routine. I start my day at 4:00am. Well, majority of the days I am awake around 3:20am because that is when one of our cats (kiddo’s to us) decides she would like to be fed. We close the door and hope we can put her off for a bit but she likes to paw at the door and remind us that she is there waiting. So, even though my alarm is set for 4:00am I am up before it goes off.

Two of the main reasons I get up in the morning are for the hot coffee I have had set to be brewed in time for me to come downstairs and the other is to get to the gym and get my sweat done for the day. Once I have my coffee poured I start getting our lunch ready for the day and Warren’s breakfast ready for when he gets up at 5:00am. We both like to ease into the morning.

I like to try and leave the house between 5:30am-6:00am to head to the gym. Some days I could be riding my cruiser Huli, or I could be going for a ride on Lily, my road bike. And then there are days when I venture out with my backpack full of the things I need for the day and my sneakers and go for a run to get to the gym. Either way you will find me Royal Roads Recreation Centre.

I get asked a lot how I can get up so early and why do I get up so early? Well, I enjoy the mornings and I like getting my workout done at the start of my day because I know after work I am tired, hungry and feel ‘heavy’. Exercising in the evening is not my thing. My body doesn’t like it. So, I start my day with it when I feel ‘light’, energized (could be the coffee) and I have no excuse not to do it. It’s not like I have an appointment at 6:00am or I have to be at a Strata meeting or I have to go to do something with a friend or family member. It is my time for me to make me feel better and start my day off feeling good.

Since moving to Victoria four years ago I have changed my workout habits. I have become more dedicated to doing it and it has helped me learn more about myself and what makes me tick. I have found that if I don’t workout or do some sort of activity after a few days I get moody and I will feel like I am crawling in my own skin. This isn’t good for me, for friends or Warren.

So, when is your time to workout? What excuses do you make to not do it? How can you have work life balance? Figure out what makes you tick and set small goals to make it work. That is what is so important.




9 thoughts on “Why I get up at Kyla o’clock?

  1. Welcome, Blogess. 🙂 I have *tried* to get up early this week for morning runs, but have failed each and every time the alarm goes off at 5:10am. The reality of it is that the extra hour I reset my alarm for is wasted on finicky sleep rather than a productive run. Ok, Kylabee–You never cease to inspire me with your workouts, so NO more excuses! Starting Monday…


    1. Emcool..Monday you and your run have a date and if I need to text you at 5:00am I can do that. Once you start you can just make it a habit/routine. Or maybe you will find that your body prefers the evening but you just have to be dedicated to working out then. I know I am not.


  2. Love your blog Kyla! It is so “you”! You are one happy girl and it is infectous. I hope with your blog that it will, and should, inspire others to find their happy place. I know, sitting here one, possibly two weeks to my due date, that it makes me want to get up and move off the sofa. Another two months and I will be looking for some of your hard core inspiration! Keep it up girl, you’re amazing!!!!!!


    1. Krista…Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my blog and I have made you want to move. I would love to help motivate you in NS. I am sure though with two little ones you will be moving. I am always here for ya…blog or other ways. 🙂


  3. I loved reading about your morning, Kyla, and congrats on the new blog!

    Resilience is more important to me than trying to find that elusive work-life balance. If I can have resilience then I feel am balanced.

    I would prefer to work out in the morning like you but alas, family life precludes that for me! (Getting two teens out the door is crazy!) Instead, I relish working out in the evening when I can let all of the stresses of the day melt away, sort of like a moving meditation.

    Next time I have coffee in the morning (uh, like, tomorrow) I will think of you making breakfast for Warren. He’s one lucky guy!


    1. Theresa…making the time to work out is the important part. I don’t have kids (human kids anyway) so mornings work better for me. I like the way you look at your workout at the end of the day. I am sure it makes sleeping better than keeping those stresses inside.

      Warren’s breakfast isn’t usually anything fancy. Sometimes just cereal and milk. He has supper ready for me when I get home so that is something I really appreciate. Enjoy your java in the morning.


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