Manic Monday. Just a new job day. Woah oh woah

This morning I woke up feeling great even though I didn’t wake on my own. Lucky was excited about my first day of a new position as well I guess or she just wanted food…let’s go with the latter. Today was my first day working as a Program Associate for the School of Communications and Culture at Royal Roads University (RRU).

I went downstairs and did my regular morning tasks to get ready for the day and all the while I was singing to myself. The song Manic Monday was in my head and  making me move in my kitchen. When Warren came downstairs I started singing to him as I gave him a hug and his morning coffee. He then all of a sudden started singing a few lines from it as well. That made me laugh and it was a nice little Monday morning moment.

I had things prepped the night before so I wasn’t late leaving the house because I had forgotten something upstairs or some other excuse to not get me out the door. I wanted to make sure I got a good sweat with weights at the gym since I had gotten a good fill of cardio over the weekend. Saturday was a long ride and Sunday I had done a 15k hill/mountain run from my house. I had almost turned around when Warren did but he reminded me I needed to get the distance in if I was going to do the GoodLife Fitness half marathon Thanksgiving Sunday. I was happy I went. It was a good challenging run for me and except for my IT band giving me a bit of grief it felt good to be out and even better once I got home.

This morning I ventured out of the house around 5:45am on Huli and was at the gym and on the elliptical by 6:15am. As I was riding along I was signing away to my favorite song right now by Taylor Swift, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.  My hands were moving and I was signing out loud. At one point on my ride I had my hand raised in the air and someone in a vehicle passing by waved at me. That made me smile cause little did he know I was just groovin’ to my tunes. The advantages of riding in the dark…people don’t see your crazy side.

While on the elliptical I did various levels from 5-18. I was remembering when Grace would be beside me on another elliptical telling me to go as fast as I could go for 2 minutes and then I could go down a level or two. So, that is what I did and then recovered still keeping a good pace and went hard at it again. (Thanks Miss G.)

Once done I headed to the weight room. Today was a day to work on my chest. I have been given some new workouts for various muscle groups from friend who is really fit after I let him know that my goal was to be toned and have more definition in my upper body. I now have some exercises that can help me achieve my goal with some hard work. I struggle with getting 20 reps of each exercise in but I make my way through and pause when I need to. I just make it the to get all of the reps in. I finished those up and then did some core and stretching and it was time to get ready for work.

My new office is closer to the gym than my old office at RRU. So, I parked Huli at the gym and made my way to work with my basket filled with my breakfast, snacks, lunch and other odds and ends needed for the day. I was excited about starting. I had only met my new co-workers twice but they already seemed so friendly. When I met my boss for the first time after my interview she hugged me and welcomed me to the team. I thought that was great.

When I got to the office I had to put my own clean on my desk and get things situated. There was another new girl starting today as well as myself so we were given the run down on where we could find things in the office, on the computer and if we needed anything to let them know. The first day was spent reading manuals and figuring out how to use some programs I hadn’t used yet. It was a pretty chill first day but a great one over all. Tomorrow I have my first meeting and get to meet some more people I will be working with.

Oh…and in my office they have a piece of bristol board up that has some of my co-workers names on it. They have it so they can ‘get fit’ by December 31st. (The original date was June 30th and started in March). So, this morning I put my name on the list for my workout and will do so again tomorrow. By putting my name on the board I hope to inspire one of them to go and workout more than they do. I will feel good about that. I don’t know my co-workers well enough yet to tell them that just putting a sticker on a board every time you work out is not going to achieve the goal that they are looking to reach, if they aren’t prepared to make changes to their lifestyle. But it is a start.

You have to reach for what you want by yourself because you are the person in the end who has to do all the work, eat the right things and give it all you have. You will succeed when you are ready to change. You just have to find that point when you have had enough of the way your current life is and make a move to change it…then be patient while working hard to get there because it doesn’t happen overnight.

I look forward to the rest of my week and what new challenges it will hold both at work and in my exercising.

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