On fire…

So, how has your week been so far? My week has been good. Started a new job on Monday and am slowly easing into my new role but when it comes to my workouts this week I feel on fire.

Monday as you may have read from my blog post that I was feeling good and my tunes were getting me going. Tuesday morning I got up and ran for an hour to get my cardio in before I went to the gym. It was a beautiful morning out and I wanted to be enjoying it…even if it was dark. I arrived at the gym ready to do 3 rounds of weight exercises for my back and I could feel my chest workout from Monday but I powered through. I have to admit I like that sore feeling you get after working out. It makes me feel like I have pushed myself and worked my muscles hard.

Wednesday was another great day. I ventured to the gym on Huli and started to head down the stairs to the cardio equipment but then decided that I would do stair repeats. There are about 40 stairs I think (probably 4 sets of 10) and I decided that I would run up and down those doing various things. I had my phone with my interval timer downloaded and set for the Spartacus workout. It would take 12:36 for each round of Spartacus. So, away I went but didn’t stop for breaks. I took the stairs two at a time, single steps and two foot hops and kept alternating as I continued. My legs were tired when I was done. Next up was three rounds of Spartacus with weights and no break. By the time I was done my legs were shaky but I felt good.

Today was another hour run this morning and ended it by doing a loop by the water at Royal Roads University and you can see the beautiful sunrise I saw. I love mornings. On my way home on Monday night I had stopped into Frontrunners on Goldstream and asked them if they could order me my sneakers because the ones that I have now are starting to wear out. I have long and narrow feet so I can only wear Asics GT 2100 series sneakers in a 12AA. Nick and Mark at Frontrunners know me by name and even know exactly what shoe to order me. One time I had emailed Nick to let him know that I would need some sneakers ordered and he told me that he had actually ordered me a pair already because he figured it was about time that I would need a new pair. I thought that was great customer service.

I stepped on the scale this morning because I was feeling great and I was sure that my hard efforts and not eating junk food this week would probably show on the scale. Unfortunately it did not and it first I was a bit disappointed. But then I remembered what I have told others. Just because the scale doesn’t read that you are down in weight it is more about how your clothes fit and how you feel about yourself. So, I followed my own advice to friends. I am feeling strong and eager for my next workout tomorrow morning.

How are your workouts this week? Have you changed up anything to spice up your workout?



8 thoughts on “On fire…

  1. Congratulations on a GREAT week of working out! I love when that happens! Don’t forget that lifting can also cause weight gain, but will still slim you down all the same!! Keep up the awesome work and congrats on your new job!


    1. Whoop! Thanks lady! you rock. Nick told me yesterday that Asics is coming out with a GT2000 and he has to wait to get me some. I will call today and see if they have any in my size.


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