So, this week has been a week of asking questions both at work  because of learning a new job, with friends over blogs and with new people I met at the clothing swap I went to last night. Of course this isn’t the first week I have asked questions but because I am new to blogging it got me thinking about it and made me more aware I was asking them.

Earlier this week my friend Emily posted a blog about not eating meat and treats for a week and the things that she is giving up each week to try get back her ‘will power recharge’. I could understand her reasoning behind trying to give up treats because we could all stand some will power in that department but I asked her why she would want to give up meat and her reasoning behind it? I am someone who enjoys food and meat is part of my day to day meals typically. I do enjoy vegetarian dishes and my husband up until a few months ago thought that I only liked vegetarian pizza. 🙂 I guess that is because sometimes when we would have pizza I would pick one with a lot of veggies on it so I felt like I was having a more ‘healthier’ slice. (We all have various ways to fool ourselves). Emily explained to me here why she was trying to go meatless.

Last night when Emily, Amanda, Lindsay and I were at the clothing swap we were enjoying some food and wine while talking with some of the ladies. One of the ladies mentioned that she was gluten free and it triggered the question why?

She said it was something her Naturopath had recommended for her to do to try and solve a health problem. Growing up I had some food allergies but seem to have outgrown them and now can eat the things I couldn’t when I was younger. Have to say I am happy about that because this girl LOVES her peanut butter and bread.

When I talk to people I get asked the question why I get up so early and why I workout so much? I do it because it makes me feel better and it is something that I enjoy. So, taking a step back and thinking about my answer to the question I get asked a lot I can see things from a different side. People need to do things for their own reasons and if it makes them feel better than it is a win win situation. I guess sometimes I wonder though if everyone else is trying this or that out is it something I should try and maybe I would see and feel a difference? I then think if it isn’t broke don’t try and fix it if I have something that works for me now.

What do you do that people question you about?

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