It’s the little moments

This morning I was riding Huli to the gym and was thinking back on our Sunday. Warren and I ‘slept in’ and I say that because we didn’t get up until 7:20am. Typically we are up even on weekends between 4:00-5:00am.

We got up and I made Warren waffles as a treat because they aren’t something I make for breakfast during the week. It was a simple thing that made him happy and I like that. After coffee and breakfast I wrote my blog and Warren said that he wanted to run from our house to the trestle at Goldstream Park. I was all for it because we hadn’t hiked the trestle for a few years. Mt. Finlayson is our favorite hiking spot and is very special to us. It is the first mountain that we hiked together when I moved to Victoria and it is also where Warren asked me to marry him in April 2010.

Our first New Year’s Day on top on Finlayson
Our wedding day-November 13, 2010

So, we got our gear on and headed out a little past 10:00am. It was a nice day out and once we were both warmed up we were feeling good and our legs were happy to be running. We ran along the highway to the bottom of the path to the trestle. As we were running along I had suggested to Warren that we run the railroad tracks back because it would be more quiet than the highway. He was all for it and I was happy to hear that.

As we ran along the tracks we talked about our trip to France that we want to take for our 35 and 40th birthday’s next year. We want to go see the 100 anniversary of the Tour de France. We had other conversations about things in our life and things we would love to do if we won the lottery. Got to be ready for when that day comes right? We figured we would continue living life the way we do now except we wouldn’t work. We would travel and always be in the search for summer, enjoy new foods and exercise. We would also have to get our kiddos (the cats) used to travelling since they are used to being homebodies.

As we were running and walking along the tracks we were getting tired and hangry (hungry & angry combination but really more cranky). Our total venture ended up being 18k over 2.5 hours. Warren doesn’t typically enjoy that long of a distance but knowing each other like we do; we knew we were both hangry and that we just needed to get back and have some food. We are good at communicating how we are feeling so we don’t fight.

Warren is my best friend and the person who I share everything with. I love that we can ride, run and explore new areas together. Sure, exercising by yourself and doing things on your own is good for you but I feel like we bond over the experiences we share. We established this type of relationship from the beginning and I am happy that we can both motivate each other and do something together. It brings us closer and we have experiences that we can talk about on future runs, rides or over dinner. Its the moments like we had on Sunday that I love and are special to me.

Do you and your partner exercise together? Or do you have a best friend who you enjoy working out with?


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