Not letting excuses get in my way

This morning I woke up and got myself ready for the sweat shop like my normal day to day routine. I was having my coffee and it was tasting especially good this morning. If I hadn’t had to share the pot with Warren I think I could have drank it all.

A few weeks ago my collar bone area started to hurt while lifting weights and it was hindering me some with my workouts. But I was still able to make some modifications and work through it. On Monday evening after I got home from work I noticed a lump on my shoulder and it hadn’t been there on Sunday so I think after my workout on Monday it had formed…or so I am guessing. I had to drive to work this morning because I had a doctor’s appointment mid day to get a lump checked out. Since I had done a big run on Tuesday I was wanting to lift weights today but my collar bone area was bothering me worse so I figured weights wouldn’t be the best idea.

I had almost talked myself out of going because I was feeling a bit blah but I told myself I had to go. There were still things that I could do. I could do cardio, I could do crunches and I could work my legs. So, once I arrived I started out on the elliptical and I had brought my skipping rope as well. While I was on the elliptical a friend of mine was on one next to me and she had just arrived as well. We chatted while we sweated and it made that half hour fly by. She then joined me for some skipping and while we were talking I had mentioned to her that I could show her some things that she could do with free weights for her arms and upper body if she wanted. She said that would be great. So, after skipping I headed over to where she had started doing some core exercises.

I got us some free weights and a bosu ball to stand on so she could continue to work her core as well as her upper body. She had never used a bosu balls before and I let her know there were so many things that she could do with them but for now I would give her some basics. I showed her 5 or 6 different exercises and she was happy for them. I let her know how many reps to do and that the last few reps of each of the exercises should be a struggle to finish. We both had to get going but she had a big smile on her face and gave me a hug to thank me. Seeing the look on her face made me realize that if I hadn’t gone to the gym I would have missed out on showing her something new and helping to make her session at the gym a good one. Now she can come back to the gym another day with new things to try out and hopefully be excited by the thought of doing something different.

Today made me happy. I was glad that I made myself go sweat even though I couldn’t do what I wanted. I was happy I didn’t make excuses not to go. A friend from Nova Scotia let me know that starting this past Monday she was going to start going to the gym because I had inspired her. She has two young kids and works full time so I know that she has a lot on the go. She told me she almost didn’t go to the gym this morning because a pile of laundry was calling her name to be folded. I told her that the laundry will always be there and that is what weekends are for. Doing something for herself would be good for her and her family would benefit. She was happy she went and rocked her workout.

So, the next time that you think you may not want to sweat take a step back and rethink things. Ask yourself why you don’t want to go and see if there is something else that you can do at the gym or maybe even go for a walk? If you have a body part that is bothering you due to an injury see if you can work around it with other exercises. Or perhaps your legs are tired from a long run or ride that you did the day before; you could work your upper body and core. There are so many different combinations of things that could be done. I have to remember that on days when I feel like I can’t do the things that I want to do.

PS. As for my collar bone area my doctor doesn’t know what the lump is but she is getting me an appointment for a for a CT scan and then we will go from there.  No need to worry. And I will let you know what I find out.


5 thoughts on “Not letting excuses get in my way

  1. The horrible pile of laundry that was my almost excuse was not there at the end of the day … my Mom was up visiting (hemming curtains) and she folded it because she was proud of me for making the committment to go to the gym and thought that would be a nice reward. So if I had skipped the gym yes the laundry would have been HALF folded, I would feel guilty, I would be no closer to getting rid of my extra cuddly and Mom would of had one less reason to be proud of me … IT WAS SO WORTH GOING.


  2. The evil laundry was not there when I got home … Mom was up visiting, hemming curtains, and thought she would give me an I’m proud of you reward. So if I had skipped the gym half my laundry would have been folded, I would feel guilty for not going, and I would be closer to getting rid of extra cuddles. YES IT WAS SO WORTH IT.


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