Today is a new day for sweating

Hello…Happy almost Friday!

This morning was a good morning at the gym. I did 20 minutes on the stair climber. Not the stepper but the machine with the rolling steps that makes like you are climbing stairs that are never ending. The ones where you can’t stop on a ‘landing’ after 10 or so steps to stop and catch your breath. Good times but it gets my heart rate up and sweating so I am in a happy place. After that I went and did two rounds of the Spartacus workout. The majority of that workout is legs and core so I figured I would be good to go. There are a few excercises where you have to do push ups but I changed things up and instead of doing T-pushups I just did the T part of the exercise with a 5lb. weight in each hand. I really focused on stabilizing more core as I put my arm in the air. I have a feeling my obliques will be a bit sore tomorrow. When it came to doing the push up rows I did the rows with the 5lb weights in each hand and then went to the T position again. I didn’t hurt while doing it so I was glad for that.

What my abs sometimes feel like

I receive the ‘Workout of the Day’ emails from Spartan Race and one day last week I remembered seeing the Ab 500 workout. So, today before I went to get ready to go I found the workout on my phone and did it…well most of it. I didn’t know what the back scratchers ab move was so I didn’t do that exercise today. I now know what it is and I will add it back in. This is going to be a my core workout for the next few weeks to change things up. I am not looking for the 6 pack abs but just the ‘feel good about me abs’.


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