You’re my inspiration

I started my blog two weeks ago today and I have found that I am really enjoying writing about what I do and getting my thoughts down. I find myself thinking about my blog posts while I am out being active or even when I am at work. (Probably shouldn’t be thinking about blog posts at work but I am.)  I find that I will start out thinking about a post in one way and then by the time I get back home to write it another way of thinking about it has formed and I see a new side way of how I will write it. I like that.

I have heard from a few friends who read my blog and they said that I have inspired them to be active and try new things. This makes me feel good because even if one person said I motivated them than it was a little reward to me. At the same time after starting this blog I noticed that my readers motivated me to do more and work harder at what I do. So, readers…you inspired me as well and I thank you.

About a month ago I had a friend come to me and tell me she wanted to lose some weight and start to exercise. I was excited that she asked me to help her and I was up for the challenge if she was.  I told her that I could give her the stepping stones of what she would need to do when it came to eating and exercise but she would have to make the commitment to do all the work to get herself there. If she cheated herself than she was the one who would lose out in the end.

Your plan for success

I would meet with her every two weeks or there abouts and we would check in with each other about what she had done for exercise for the week. She kept a food journal about what she was eating and when she was exercising. I would review it and tell her some things she may want to cut out from eating or drinking to help her with her goal. I had recommended she set small goals to work towards and that would help her get to where she wanted to be. So her first goal was to lose 5lbs by Thanksgiving weekend and to run in the GoodLife Victoria 8k in 50 minutes or less. I found out yesterday that she is down 5lbs so she has succeeded in one step of her goal. I am very proud of her and she has worked hard to get there. She told me yesterday though that if it hadn’t been the fact that she knew Drill Sergeant Beattie was nipping at her heels she could have fallen off her goal. I like the fact that I could be there for her as support but that she was the one really doing all the work. So, next up is the 8k in 50 minutes or less. I know she can do it!

So, do you have someone in your life to help support you and motivate if you need someone help you reach your goal?


3 thoughts on “You’re my inspiration

  1. A random couple started cheering me on my morning run today! I did 2 loops of the Wild Pacific Trail in Uculet, and each time I saw them, their cheering inspired me to push up the hills!


    1. I love it. When I go to events/races and I have finished running I will cheer people on as I leave. I think that it helps them and it makes me feel good because I would want the same. Hope you had a good run. It is beautiful there.


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