Romantic mornings

This week I feel up in the air of what  I should do for workouts because I am running the half marathon on Sunday morning in the GoodLife Fitness Marathon. I was thinking about running it because I have a friend running the full marathon, and I have 3 friends including my husband running the 8k. I wanted to be part of the run because they were but I hadn’t signed up yet. Last week I found out that I could run under a friends entry for the half because she isn’t able to run it. I know that some people would rather not run under someone else’s name because then they don’t get credit so to speak for the run but I am ok with running as someone else. When I run it is for me. I am competitive by nature I won’t deny that but I am competitive with myself. So, my goal for Sunday is to do better than 1:38:08. That was the time of the McNeil Bay Half Marathon I ran on September 9, 2012. I would really like to finish with a time around 1:35-1:36 but I will run my run.

My dateThis morning I headed out for a run but I started out uncertain where I was going to go. Was I going to do my regular route in reverse or just run it the regular way? As I got going I realized I hadn’t ran Bear Mountain for awhile so I would go and do that. I ran for 1h10min and ran 13.5k. It was a beautiful morning, a bit crisp feeling when I started out in my tank top but as I got going I warmed up and it felt refreshing. As I ran I looked up at the sky and how clear it was. The stars and the moon were so bright, not a full moon but it looked to be close. As I came back down Bear Mountain I could see the skyline in the distance. You could see the mountains far off and the pink of the sun starting to rise. It was beautiful even in the dark.

I love mornings. They are always changing depending on the season. Summer mornings are warm and the sunrises earlier. In the summer I love heading out on my road bike, Lily or putting on my sneakers and hitting the pavement in the early mornings. I take in all the quiet and stillness of the morning, the wildlife that is out exploring the same area as I am. Running in the fall is a different feeling and a different view. I feel the morning air against my skin and have to run with a little light in my hand to see. I don’t mind running in the dark though because it makes my runs feel shorter. And hills seem less daunting than the do in the day time. I like it better.

This morning as I ran I felt like I was having a fling with the sky. People talk about romantic evenings under the stars and moon, while having a glass of wine on a blanket with their partner…I was on a date with my sneakers, tunes, the stars and the moon.

Have you had a date with the stars and the moon lately?


5 thoughts on “Romantic mornings

  1. What a dreamy post 🙂 Looking forward to our RUN weekend, and happy you are able to use a freebie registration! I hope you PB!!


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