My Thursday good news

In one of my past blog posts I talked about a lump that was found in my collar bone/shoulder area. I had gone for a CT scan this past Friday and have been not so patiently waiting for the results to come back. Today I was able to see my doctor and I found out that the lump isn’t anything to be concerned about. It is not a cyst, a tumor or something else bad. This was great news to hear because as much as I was trying not to think about it I felt like I had a bad movie playing in the background while the rest of life happened.

She thinks something in the area is inflamed and I have to rest the area. That means no weights for at least a week but running and various forms of cardio are ok. I am glad to hear that because I can still sweat and feel good and reap the benefits of working out so it is a win win situation.

So, 3 sleeps til the half marathon and then a big potluck turkey dinner with good friends. Really looking forward to the weekend.

And I also found out that my new Asics 2000 sneakers I ordered have arrived at Frontrunners. I always find new sneakers make me want to run and I get excited to put them on and go. They motivate me.

Do you have any races or some form of exercise planned for this weekend? If so let me know.


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