Running for turkey dinner…gobble gobble

Legislative Building in the early morning

Yesterday was a great day from beginning to end! It started out with an early morning to head downtown Victoria in the dark to get ready for running in the Victoria GoodLife half marathon. I feel I had a great run. I had set a time of 1:34 on my Garmin Forerunner 410 to try and have a personal best (PB) but didn’t reach my goal. I ended the run with a time of 1:35.29. I really pushed myself and left everything that I had out of the road so even though I didn’t reach a PB; to me my run was a success. My husband Warren ran the 8k race and reached his PB with a time of 32:08. He did great and is my superstar.


I had two other friends running in the 8k who rocked their runs. My friend who I wrote about in my blog reached her goal and actually did better than she thought she would have. She ran the 8k in 48:33. I text her after I was done my run to see how she did. She said that getting up so early on a Sunday morning was inhuman and that she was now sore but overall she was really happy she did it. I was proud of her for running and I look forward to helping her reach her next goal.

On Friday I was with my friend Amanda who had signed up for the 8k race as well. She was talking about how she didn’t want to run it because she hadn’t trained and had only ran a few runs since giving birth to her son Ryder July 1st. I told her to think of it as her going out for a Sunday run and enjoy the scenery. There was no pressure to reach a specific time and that she was doing it for herself. At the same time, me being who I am, had also told her if she wanted to set a little goal for herself than she could look back on an 8k race that she had run previously and try and shave one minute off her time. To start the race she headed to the front to find Warren because she knew he would be at the start with the elite runners were. In her words ” I just gave birth 3 months ago so that makes me pretty elite.” I agree and think she did an amazing job and ran her race in 47:29. I am so proud of her for running. You rock lady!

Amanda and I

Now to give props to Emily. She ran the full marathon in 4:10. She said she didn’t reach a PB for her but said she was mentally very happy with her run. I am very proud of her as well because it takes a lot of dedication, commitment and training to run 42k. She worked hard and feeling good about her run is really what matters in the end. I on the other hand have no desire to run a marathon but admire the people who do. The thoughts of running for that long just doesn’t appeal to me. I also said that I would never want to run longer than an hour and have now run 4 half marathons so maybe one day I will change my mind but I think that day is still really, really far off!

I would also like to give a special thanks to Jeff and Ryder who were our cheering team yesterday. They traveled around to different check points on the course to cheer us on and that is not as easy as it may sound. It is hard to time when someone is going to be at a certain spot but they did it. Thanks for being there for us. A friendly face on the course is always welcomed.

After the races we had plans to go to Emily’s for an outdoor potluck Thanksgiving dinner. There are not too many places you can live where you can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner outside in October but in Victoria, BC you can. Sure we had sweaters on but we were good to go. It was a perfect way to end a great day with friends, food, wine and laughs. I am already looking forward to next year and doing it all again.

The crew

Congrats to all the runners yesterday. I hope you are all happy with your results and the fact that you ran instead of just sitting home on the couch waiting to eat turkey dinner. I bet it tasted that much better.

I don’t have a certain goal that I am working towards at the moment but I need to think of something to strive towards because that helps to give me my motivation for working out. What is your next goal? Do you have a race you are preparing for?



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