To travel for running or to run at home?

I completed the half marathon on Sunday but now what do I train for or work towards? I seem to be able to help other friends this week find their goals but I can’t seem to think of one for myself.

I have been doing cardio and core the past few days at the gym and it has been good for me to vary it up from cardio and weights. I have a great new playlist that I really love so it is helping me get through cardio easier. I even got my skipping rope out of my locker to challenge myself and see how long I can skip before the rope gets tangled in my feet. I have to say I am doing pretty good. Where I work out has a basketball court beside the cardio machines and some weight machines so I can use that area to move around and I don’t have to just jump in one spot. I have to say trying to circle the corners while skipping at the same time makes for a fun challenge. Ever tried it?

Last year we entered the Frontrunners Island Race Series and we got to travel to new places around the island for running. We really enjoyed that because we had never ran the routes before and it was nice not knowing what was around the corner…or so I found. We plan to enter the series again this year but the unknown won’t be there. The challenge this time will be to beat the time that we did the previous year even if it is only by a few seconds. Knowing the course this year will be a perk because I will know how close I am to the finish and not by a marker on the course telling me.

I don’t think running with the bulls with be one that I enter…

Do you prefer to run in your home town or travel to run? Do you have a destination run planned?


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