A new kind of challenge for me

Hello to my readers. I am sorry it has been awhile since I have written a post but I got the flu last week and it hit me hard. Friday was the first time I was at the gym in a week but boy did it feel nice to be back and I have a new appreciation for it again. It’s like driving a shiny new car.

In my last post I talked about needing a goal but I wasn’t sure what I would do. My husband signed up for the MEC Victoria Fall Classic 10K last week and asked if I wanted to run as well? I said yes please and we run Sunday, October 28th. We have never run this race before but it looks like a fun one and like I mentioned I enjoy running new courses. It has been awhile since I have ran a 10k race so it will be nice to do a shorter distance. I sometimes feel that I should be running half-marathons when there is the option because I know I can run that far. In this race there is only a 5k and a 10k so taking the longer option was still the way I went.

This past week an email from a co-worker went around to a group of runners at Royal Roads University reminding us to register for the Bear Mountain 10k and Half-Marathon and that the early bird deadline was that day. I had volunteered at the run the previous year and saw the pain and effort of the race on faces of the runners after they finished. Some people were even sick. I remember thinking to myself, as I stood in the cold that I wouldn’t want to do this run for a few reasons but mostly because it is labeled as ‘Canada’s hardest run’. Really, you label it that way and people still sign up? Yes, they do. And why? Because they want a challenge. So, guess who signed up?

I sent the email to my friend who I spoke about before who is working on her health and fitness and I thought this would be a good challenge for her, as I knew it was going to be one for me. I also knew that she probably wouldn’t be going out of her way to find new races so giving her a nudge with this could be good. I asked in the email if she wanted to do the 10k run with me and that I would walk/run it with her. The first thing she wrote back was “Really? You do not want to compete in a serious manner in this one?” She then said that it scared her because it was so hilly but that if I was willing to bark at her to keep her going then she would give it a go. Her response to my email made me happy for two reasons. One is because she knows me well and that I AM a competitive person. I enjoy competing against myself and others while in a race. There is always one more person in front of me that I want to pass before I cross that finish line. The second reason was because she said yes to doing the race…well pretty much said yes. This is big for her because she typically runs flat routes, it is a hard course but she told me she is willing to give it all she has to get it done. Starting this week she and I are going to do some hill repeats to start preparing her for it and I can always use hill training. I have some tips and tricks that I use to get myself up hills and I will pass them on to her. I even mentioned that one week we would use resistance bands wrapped around our waists, with the other person is behind pulling on the bands a bit going up the hills. She thought I was crazy and the only person in the world that would even think about this idea. It made me laugh and I told her she would thank me for it on race day. I still don’t think she buys it yet but she will in the end.

So, the Bear Mountain 10k is on November 17th and I am looking forward to it. This race is not for me. It’s for a friend who has challenged me with helping her get fit. I accepted. I am working on her goal for this race and to be her support and encourage her. This run will be a hard work for us both and in the end she is challenging the hills, and challenging me to get her up those hills. Win, win.

Anyone want to run Canada’s hardest run?




2 thoughts on “A new kind of challenge for me

  1. Thanks Krista. I am sick and have a sinus infection. It won’t be my best run but I am going out for an easy Sunday run just to get the legs moving. Hope your doing well.


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