Running under the whether…

This morning I ran in the MEC Victoria Fall Classic 10k race. I have been fighting the flu for the last two weeks and I found out on Friday I have a sinus infection as well. I flip flopped back and forth all morning if I was going to run or not but two things finally got me out.

One was the weather. It was nice outside and not raining so that made the thoughts of running easier. Who really wants to run in the rain even though sometimes it is nice. The second was by talking to myself. Yes, I said talking to myself. It was the only thing I would have to do today and I didn’t need to push myself. I could go out and just enjoy a Sunday run and just have my legs moving. I have told that to many people before at races who have second thoughts about running so why not follow my own advice?

So, away I went. I had set 50 minutes on my watch. I figured even doing the race at a slower pace I could set a little goal to try and achieve. It is just who I am. I could see Warren and some other people in front of me as I ran. I just kept telling myself to put one foot in front of the other and I enjoy my tunes. It was a nice run along the Galloping Goose and around Swan Lake that had never run before.

As I arrived near the finish line I saw Warren who giving me some positive reinforcement and there was one man in front of me who I had been playing cat and mouse with for the majority of the run. I wanted to pass him so I gave it the extra push I needed to do so. Over all I ended up third woman through, a $10 gift card to MEC and a free entry to one of their races next year. I will take that.

So, what I took from this run is the appreciation of what it feels like on days when you are healthy and running compared to the feeling of being under the weather and not feeling like running.

How do you get through running on days when you don’t want to run?




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