To Two Great Peeps…

Last week was a special week for me and one I had been waiting for since mid-August. My partner in sweat, Grace, was coming back to Victoria and I was Oh. So. Excited! Grace and I had planned to work out on Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the RRU Recreation Centre. Before I left for the gym I asked Warren if it was Christmas Day because I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. He just laughed.

I had arrived and was headed to the aerobics room when a minute later I saw her come in the front door. I ran across the gym floor and gave her a huge hug. It was a reunion like you would see at the airport and I even got happy tears. We headed to the room to set up our music and weights and she ran through the new workout she had planned for us. I was excited because I was back sweating with Grace and she brought new moves from her gym sessions in Calgary.

I have been going to a gym for about 12 years and in the past 5 years I have made exercise daily part of my life. Sure I take a day or two off here and there but I enjoying it and how I feel during and when I am done. I am ready to tackle the day.

Grace and I met in August 2011 at boot camp at RRU. I remembering noticing her blond hair and how fit she was. I wanted her arms because they were so toned and strong looking. I found out later from Grace that my arms were what she noticed on me. I am always working towards making my arms string and more defined and it makes me realize that we don’t see ourselves the ways others see us.

Grace and I attended boot camp together every Monday and Friday night. We became good friends and even started doing things outside of boot camp. Tough Mudder was being talked about a lot around the time that we met and Grace, Warren and I wanted to do it. We put together a team of four, along with Marlin, and did Tough Mudder in Whistler on June 29, 2012. Our team name was ‘That’s What She Said’.

I have never found someone who I can work out with at the gym who is committed to fitness and health like Grace is. She is great at motivating you when you need that extra push; she is great at encouraging you when you are finding things hard, and she is someone you can have fun doing anything. You can count on her when she tells you she will be there and doesn’t make excuses not to go. Grace and I have both had knee and shoulder injuries pretty much at the same time and we found ways to make it work. It didn’t stop us from hitting the gym and working the body parts that didn’t hurt. I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

Grace left for Calgary mid-August and I continued going to the gym and seeing the ‘regulars’ who would see her and I in the mornings. When we were together we would get asked what we were training for and we would reply we just enjoy being fit. Others would ask if we were sisters. No… just good friends. First we were asked if we were sisters just at the gym but then as we started doing other things we would get asked the same thing. They do say that married couples start to look like each other as they get older… I guess maybe the same can be said for friends.

I miss Grace and our workouts together but I also enjoy my own workouts.  I can put my tunes on and push myself through or if I am struggling Grace is sometimes ‘there’ pushing me through the move or encouraging me through those last 5 minutes of cardio.

Now, Grace is my person I have found who I can work out with in the gym lifting weights or at a park but I want to also give a special mention my husband and best friend, Warren.  Warren is my weekend motivator and vice versa. On the weekends you can find us out running, hiking, cycling, running some stairs or exploring a new trail. It is because of Warren and moving to Victoria that I started being more active and exploring what is around me. We are always looking for new challenges for ourselves.

When I first arrived in Victoria he bought me my first road bike, Lily. I had never rode that style bike before and he was patient with me as I started to learn. I was ready to give up because the gears were just too hard for me to figure out but he helped me through.

Warren at the Top of Chief Mountain in Squamish, BC

I love the life we share and that we can participate in races and activities together and one of us isn’t standing on the side lines just watching unless it is at the end of the race. It makes our relationship stronger and we grow together. It also makes it that as we get older, we both have aches and pains but they are ones that are worth it, and hopefully won’t be as bad as they could be.

I am a very lucky lady to have two very special people in my life who enjoy the same type of lifestyle I enjoy. Do you have someone in your life that motivates you to do better and give you that little push? Or are you someone who enjoys working out solo and pushing yourself?


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