Spicing up the treadmill

This week I have been spending some time on the treadmill. I haven’t been running on it…or at least forwards. Instead of doing what I typically see people doing on the treadmill I wanted to spice it up.

To end off my workouts this week I would do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill. I would set the time that I wanted to go, put the incline to 10 and my speed would vary between 4-4.2 to get warmed up. I would look at the time and think `Wow, I am going to be here for awhile and I am just walking.` So, to vary my workout on the treadmill I remembered reading in Shape magazine a few years ago about running backwards and also doing a side shuffle on it. The linked workout is not the same one I read but it can give you some ideas if you are wanting to change some things up.

I would take blocks of time and do a hill walk for 10 minutes with a inline and then change to running backwards. I would still keep the same incline but lower my speed. I had my iPod on so I used songs as my `timer`. I would walk until I reached the chorus in my song and then run for the length of the chorus and repeat until that song was done. I found myself getting into the songs and sometimes my body would get a `sway`to it or my hands would start moving. No one seemed to really notice but even if they did…all good. I was enjoying what I was doing. When it came to doing the side shuffle I found I couldn`t do that as long as running backwards. I would reach a minute to a minute and a half and my legs would tell me I should stop or I would be sliding off the treadmill. My goal will be to do longer but it will be slow side steps to get there. I would continue alternating things until the time was reached, my legs were tired and I was sweating up a storm….success.

On Wednesday when I was in the gym a co-worker and I were talking while stretching and she was impressed with me running backwards. She mentioned that a trainer she had in the past had her doing a plank on it. I was intrigued and excited about giving it a try. So, yesterday I gave it a go. I set the treadmill at 0.5 with no incline and once it was going I stepped behind it and placed my hands on the tread to see how it felt. It was walking but with your hands. Once I got comfortable with that I then moved to putting my forearms on the tread. That was what she said her trainer had her doing. I checked out the time and made it for one minute. It was hard but I liked the challenge. I wanted to do it again so I did 25 squats and repeated for another minute. The second minute was harder that`s for sure. One good thing…I am sore so I know it’s working.

Do you have anything different that you do on the treadmill that you want to share with me? I am happy to hear some suggestions and let me know if you try the plank on the treadmill.



3 thoughts on “Spicing up the treadmill

  1. With the colder weather reaching New England, I have been doing most of my runs on the treadmill. I am not the most graceful person, so “spicing up the treadmill” scares me a little. But, I am ALWAYS looking fro new workouts and will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Happy to share and glad you will give them a try. Let me know how you do. I just got back from a run and for the first time in Victoria… well this fall, the cars have frost on the windows that will need to be scraped. The run started off cool but felt good. Happy spicing it up.


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