Listening to my body

This morning I got up and felt slow moving. It is Friday, the end of a work week and I have done a workout every day this week with a tough one yesterday. I did two rounds of the Spartacus workout along with 70 minutes of cardio. I wanted to exercise in some way though because that’s who I am, so I got my backpack ready and off I went. It was a mild morning and a good one for a slow, easy run.

Once I got to the gym my legs were saying they couldn’t handle any more cardio or work with weights. I decided I would give my upper body a good workout and do exercises to work my chest. As I walked through the gym there wasn’t anyone in it but as I got to the weight room I found the men.  I found the bench I was going to use and started at it. My arms were feeling pretty good but once I started lifting I could feel they were also tired. After making my way through two sets of two different exercises I felt like I was lost and just unsure of what to do or where to go next. I know my workout so that wasn’t the problem but my head and body just weren’t into it. So, instead of pushing myself harder I decided that it was my body telling me that I needed to take the rest of the day off. I left the weight room and went to do some stretching and headed to the shower.Rest-Days

When I came by the front desk, Lindsay, one of the staff at the gym looked at the clock and said ‘You’re leaving already?’ I told her my body is tired and was telling me I needed to stop so I listened.  She understood and said ‘Some days you just have to do that.’ My husband also tells me I need rest days so I was listening to his advice as well.

Now, I am a person who can push through muscle fatigue when doing exercises and not give up because as Grace says, ‘You can do anything for 30* seconds.’ (*Insert amount of time needed for specific exercise.) But today wasn’t the case.

So, the next time you have pushed your body hard when working out remember it needs time to recover and recoup. Listening to your body and giving it the rest it needs will make your next work out an even better one. You will go back feeling a new energy and stronger.

Are you good at listening to your body and giving it a rest? How many rest days do you give yourself a week?


4 thoughts on “Listening to my body

  1. It took me a LONG time to realize exactly how important recovery time is – I’m in the gym six days a week (so I get the one full day off a week). I’ve learned that if you do enough different types of things throughout the week, you naturally give your body the opportunity to adequately recover 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah. It has taken me a long time as well but happy I am finally figuring it out. I typically change up my workouts to work different body parts but you use your legs for everything that sometimes they just need the extra break it seems. 🙂


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