Trying a new boot camp

Earlier this week my friend Christina posted on her Facebook status line ‘Who wants to try a free boot camp session with me on Monday at 5:30pm?’ The two things that intrigued me right away were free and boot camp. I asked her if it was co-ed because I know that Warren and I have done boot camps together in the past and I figured it might be something that he would like to do as well. Christina let me know it was and showed me where to sign up.

I sent an email off to the place right away asking to sign Warren and I up. My email was responded to quickly and we were in. The instructor then let me know that there were a few other classes taking place before Monday if we wanted to go to another. She offers new comers a free first week. I think that is great because it really lets you get a feel of the class and if you are going to like it. Sometimes your first experience with something new isn’t a great one and if you are able to try it again without financial commitment you might see it differently. If you had to pay you probably wouldn’t go back because you didn’t like it.

So, this morning Warren and I headed off to the boot camp. I was told beforehand that they dress in 80’s wear and colors and she plays 80’s music to give people a reason to be excited to get out of bed and to boot camp for 8:00am. That made me laugh a little because we are always up before 8:00am, even on weekends.

We arrived and we were given a quick tour of her gym that is in the garage of her home. She has a sweet little set up and where she lives is a great area for a boot camp, with so many things she can incorporate into the workout. About 15 minutes later everyone had arrived, introductions were made and she let Warren and I know that because we were new to the class that we shouldn’t give 100% effort but a 4 or 5 out of 10. Really? That isn’t right. When you are at a boot camp or in any exercise you do you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you are out there doing the work you may as well give it your all and reap the rewards. So, I knew I was going to give it my all and I was pretty sure Warren was thinking the same thing.

Next we were told to go for an easy run to a mailbox and back to warm up. And we were off doing our warm up solo. My first thought was why isn’t she running with us? When we arrived back she then told us our next thing to do while she set up our stations. She explained the stations and since Warren and I were new to her class she gave us some one on one instruction as to what to do and corrected us if we were wrong.

SMC-Boot-Camp-bannerWe were to do our first set of 3 things for 30 seconds just to get warmed up and then we did our second set for one minute. We went through things and at first I thought she had a timer somewhere inside the gym on a wall or something that I couldn’t see from where I was. I then moved inside the gym for my next station and never saw a timer. She was just guesstimating the time. That kind of bothered me because you were not getting the full burn of 30 seconds or 1 minute if there wasn’t a timer letting her and us know realistically how long we had left.

One of the stations was to sprint from the gym to the top of a hill and back again. There was myself and another girl for this one. As I was running I was encouraging her and telling her she was doing a good job. I told her to push her elbows back. When we got to the top of the hill she said ‘You’re a runner aren’t you?’ I told her yes and then told her that once she starts up the hill if she pushes her elbows back and runs on her toes that will help her get up the hill. The next time round she tried it and she said it did help her. I felt good about that.

As we went through the stations I was waiting for things to get hard and a struggle for me. She then said there was a station with pull-ups. There it was…the dreaded pull-ups that I really struggle with. Something she showed us to help us out with doing the pull-ups were these long elastic bands that you can put over the bar, put one foot in and they assist you when you do the pull up. They were great and I want to go find one to buy so I can take it to my gym. Finding one is now on my list of things to do for this weekend.

The class was an hour and she did well at keeping on track and not running over. I have been to boot camps in the past where you are told they will be an hour and an hour and forty- five minutes later you are still going strong. That wasn’t a bad thing always but some days it made it harder to plan your evening if you didn’t know how long you would be there for.

After the class Warren and I talked about it on the way home. We both mentioned that we wished she would have done the workout with us so she could have really got a feel of the difficulty of each station and also that the workout was a bit more difficult for us. And my only other thing I wished was that she used an actual timer.

It seems like she has a great set up, she was friendly, she was knowledgeable and has great ideas to motivate people. She talked about setting personal goals for the month of December to try and keep the dreaded Christmas weight off. Warren and I will be back to the class on Monday to try it out again and I have gained some new moves to incorporate and challenge myself in my own workouts.

Have you tried a boot camp before? What are your thoughts? Do you like when the instructor does the workout with you or would you rather do it solo?


3 thoughts on “Trying a new boot camp

  1. I would rather have the instructor do the workout too. I like to have that involvement from them that they are getting tired too….I think it gives them the opportunity to offer motivation/encouragement at just the right time. I can’t imagine an instructor advising you to not give 100%….you should always give 100% of what you’ve got even if that’s not completing the entire workout.


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