Giving boot camp a second chance

Yesterday was a double workout day for me and it was a great way to start my week off. I did my cardio in the morning and then Warren and I went to boot camp again. We have a week free to try it out and I went to it with no expectations for what the class would be like. I was willing to give it a second chance and I knew I would still benefit from it either way.

At boot camp we started out with telling each other our names and telling what your favorite Christmas ornament was. That was kind of fun because I heard an old memory from Warren’s childhood that I had never heard before. I love that after almost five years together we are still learning about each other. After that we started with a warm up. Again there was no timer counting how long we were doing the exercise for and the count felt short to me but it was what it was.

SantaOur instructor had planned our workout to be ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’ She ran through the stations and explained how we were to do it.  The workout was similar to the song in how you count down and repeat everything but this time instead of signing you did all the workouts again.

The workout was:

1. Pistol Kick

2. Burpees (with push-up)

3. Walking Lunges (3 per leg)

4. Kettle Bell Swings

5. Decline push-ups

6. Box Jumps

7. Manmakers

8. Mountain Climbers (8 per leg)

9. Jump Squats

10. Pull-ups

11. Walking Plank

12. Run to the Blue Spruce ( There is a road that has a big hill and a Blue Spruce tree at the end that we were to run to.)

So, you started out with one pistol kick. Next were two burpees and one pistol kick. Then three walking lunges, two burpees and one pistol kick. You get the idea.  At first it didn’t start out so bad but the time you got to the seven manmakers you could feel the burn and by the second time doing them I was getting tired. I made it through and I could feel I was being challenged and enjoyed the fact that I was. It made me see that there are things from this workout that I can take and incorporate into my day to day workouts to help myself get better at them. When you workout if things are always easy you aren’t helping yourself to get stronger and better. Now that being said you do need somethings to be easier than others so you can have a break and let your body recover. (Warren reminded me of that this morning.)

I was happy I went to boot camp last night and gave it a second chance. I think I liked it better because I could push myself at do the amount of reps until I was finished and wasn’t cut short by time. I will go a few more times this week but I don’t think that I will sign up for it. I may do a drop in session now and again just to inspire myself and change things up. Warren said that he would continue to go because he enjoys it and he finds it helps to motivate him right now.

Are you willing to give a new class or workout a second chance?


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