Random reasons to smile on a Saturday morning

Happy Saturday peeps!

Thought I would do something a little different this morning for my blog post.  I started my morning off with an 18k run and while I was running I found myself smiling. So I am going to share with you why…

  • started my run out with Warren
  • having new tunes on my iPod that made me ‘dance’ and be silly as I ran
  • making Warren smile because of the above
  • seeing the beautiful Esquimalt Lagoon
  • the cool, crisp morning
  • seeing 23 swans by the Lagoon
  • people out walking
  • my body being able to just go out and run
  • loving where I live
  • workout being completed for the day
  • hot shower

What are you random reasons for smiling today?


Kyla Smiling
Happy Me

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