Drill Sergeant Beattie boot camp

Yesterday morning was a beautiful morning in Langford. When I got up I checked the weather app on my phone and it told me it was 5 degrees outside. Reading that confirmed my initial thought to take my workout outside instead of being couped up in the gym. I was going to do my own boot camp in my neighborhood and make the most of the two hours before I needed to be at the gym to get ready for work.

I left my house a little after 5:00am dressed to sweat with my work clothes in my backpack, my sneakers and my beats in place. I was ready to enjoy the morning. I had a rough idea what I wanted to do but I was wasn’t sure where I was going to go. I knew of some parks close by and figured I could make my way to some of those if I wanted to. I have done boot camps in the past outside so I had ideas of exercises that I could do and use that would help me achieve the same workout I could do in the gym. I would just look for things that I could use as I ran along.

I started off with an easy jog to get warmed up and my first stop was a knee-high wall just down the street from me. I stopped and did 25 step ups per leg and carried on.

As I ran if I saw a bench I would stop and do push-ups and then do triceps dips. Sometimes a bench would be used for step-ups or squats where I went down far enough for my bum to touch the bench but didn’t sit down completely. I would pick numbers varying between 50-100 reps. I really wanted to feel the burn in my legs and know I was pushing myself.

If I came to a hill I would do hill repeats of it once of twice and really pushed myself to get up the hill. I knew I could then run slower down the hill to catch my breath and carry on.

I made my way to Goudy Field in City Centre Park where I remembered there were stairs. I decided to do stair repeats taking the stairs one step at a time running or doing double stairs running.  As I was running down the stairs I looked out at the field thought of Grace. When she and I would do a workout at the gym we would sometimes do a set or two of suicide lines. Well I had a whole soccer/football field to do them in all by myself and away I went. I ran all the lines of the field and made my way back to where I started. Next up were walking lunges to the centre of the field, 100 squats at the centre, and then a walking plank to the end of the field. Whew…it was tiring but good.

If only this was the walking plank that I was referring to...
If only this was the walking plank that I was referring to…

I had spent enough time at the field and felt it was time for a change. As I started down the road and saw a cement parking stall marker where I did 100 toe taps. I made a few more stops doing step-ups on a cement wall, push-ups and triceps dips on a bench and one more set of toe taps before I made it to Royal Roads University gym.

I arrived, felt good but I could feel my legs were tired. That mean success to me. I checked my Garmin watch and it said I had traveled/ran 13k. Not bad for an 1:45 mins of sweating.

It felt good to be outside and enjoying the morning. There aren’t too many places in Canada that you can be outside on December 12th with just a thin long sleeved shirt and a pair of workout capris. I am happy to live where I live and call it home.

Can you take your workout outside this weekend? Do you have some places around you that you can use and do some of the things I did? Grab a friend if you want and see what adventure you can find and workout you can make up.


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