Kyla meets Jacobs Ladder

This morning I headed to the gym on Huli and it is cold and windy outside. While I was riding to the gym I was thinking about going back home to curl up in my bed for another hour or so. That isn’t what I am typically thinking but this morning I was just feeling that way. I didn’t turn back and kept on. Two things I said to myself to get me there were ‘Why start out twice in this weather when you only have to go once and once you get there you will be glad you did.’ And…I was right.

I arrived at Royal Roads Recreation Centre, got changed and headed to pick my cardio poison to get warmed up and sweating. There was a guy on the step-mill as I headed to one of the treadmills. He said ‘Did you see this?’ I looked to what he was pointing at and I went to check it out. It was a Jacobs Ladder but I didn’t know what that was except I had read it on the side of the machine. So, the guy and I checked it out and I started to put the belt around my waist. He said ‘You’re going to try it aren’t you?’ I said ‘Yes’ and was all over it. I love new things and something that is different than the normal day to day cardio machines was exciting. Vary my workout is what inspires me to do what I do. I need change or I get bored. It was just what I need this morning.

Jacobs Ladder

I got on the Jacobs Ladder and started going. For those of you who don’t know you basically are climbing on a ladder but there is a belt attached that you adjust to your height and the machine is controlled by you and how fast you go. The guy from the front desk came over to see what I thought of it as well. I let them both know that I liked it, it felt comfortable and I could start to feel it in my butt. I got asked questions like ‘Does your back hurt from being bent over like that?’ ‘Do your feet hurt from only walking on the arches of your feet?’ ‘Are your arms tired?’ All answers were no and more questions kept coming. I asked if I was the first person to be on it and was told yes. Cool I thought because that had never happened to me before.

Today I felt like a guinea pig testing out the Jacobs Ladder but that was ok. What I liked was that the guy at the gym, who I see the majority of the days, talked to me and knew that I would be trying it out. Made me feel good that people at the gym who don’t usually speak to me, know that I will be adventurous and try out new machines or exercises. It’s like they know me but don’t and vice versa for me with them because I see them workout as well.

So, if you see a new piece of equipment at the gym will you try it out or walk on by it?


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