Rockin’ a past challenge

Kyla loving the day
Kyla loving the day

I started this blog from Mount Washington Alpine Ski Resort in the Comox Valley, BC but decided because I was with family and it was the holiday’s I wanted to spend time with them and not with my computer.

Warren, his Aunt Heather, Uncle Murray and I made the trip to the resort for Christmas. It was my first time being away from home or at least a family members home for Christmas. We arrived Sunday afternoon and got settled into our room. We stayed at Deer Lodge which is located right at the base of the hill. It was so convenient that you could ski out to the hill from the garage.

It had been 3 or 4 years for Heather and Murray since they last skied and it had been 12-14 for Warren and I. And the last time that I had skied I wasn’t the best so I wasn’t sure what my first time skiing after so long was going to be like. I was a bit worried that I would be coming home with something hurt because I seem to be a bit of a klutz.

The night that we arrived at the lodge we had some dinner and then we went out tubing for a couple of hours. It was so much fun. You could go solo, in a group or two at a time. You were even able to go down the hill on the tube like you were Superman. We shared some good laughs and you could sometimes hear Heather hollering as she went down the hill. Ha Ha.

Warren headed to the rental shop Christmas Eve morning
Warren headed to the rental shop Christmas Eve morning

Christmas Eve morning Warren and I got up and headed down to rent our skis, boots and poles from the renal shop. When we walked out of the lodge there was a blanket of white over the ground with a bit of pink in the sky. It was so beautiful and I was so excited to see what the day was going to be like.

Once we arrived at the rental shop we got fitted for our boots and then headed over to another guy to get our skis and poles. Warren got his first and next it was time to get mine. When the guy looked at the paper to match the boot size with the bindings he asked to see my ski boot. I knew right away he thought the guy before had written the wrong number down on the form for my boot size. I instantly said before he saw the boot,’ I have big feet.’ He said ‘Yes you do!’ Warren and I just laughed.

We headed back to the lodge to get Heather and Murray and off we went. I was feeling a bit nervous when I started out and I was struggling with clipping my boots into my skis. We were going to do a few runs of the bunny hill to start out and get our legs under us. We didn’t think tackling the big hill first was the best idea.

I started down the bunny hill feeling a little shaky and trying to remember how to ski. I was thinking back to when I was a kid and what the instructor told me the very first time I skied at Martock in Windsor, NS. It started coming back to me and after the first time down the bunny hill I was feeling pretty good. I wasn’t ready for black diamond runs…well actually, I have never been ready for black diamond runs, but I was feeling ready to go up the chairlift and give it a whirl on a blue or green run. Warren wanted to tackle the bunny hill a few more times because he wasn’t feeling very confident. He was asking me for tips and what I was doing to make it look so easy going. I thought about what I was feeling as I skied and tried to tell it to Warren. It made me think about when I was a Ringette coach and trying to teach some of the girls to skate. Skating to me was like walking, it was something I just did and how do I explain it? Like when I was coaching the girls, I ended up being able to explain it and help him out.

Murray, Heather and Warren waiting to go up the Hawk chair lift
Murray, Heather and Warren waiting to go up the Hawk chair lift

We headed to the Hawk chair lift with Heather and Murray and we would all head to the top, well the top of the mountain for us, at the same time. What a beautiful view. We were lucky and had a nice clear day for skiing. It wasn’t cold and the sun was shining. The following two days we were at the mountain were not as nice so we only skied the one day. When I reached the top I said to Warren, ‘Everything the light touches is ours.’ If any of you are fans of The Lion King  you may know that line.

Heather and Murray went down first, Warren and I followed. It was a bit steep when I first looked down but as I went down it wasn’t so bad. Warren on the other hand didn’t find it great. We took our time and made our way down. I stopped and took a few pictures and even ventured to the side of the run where there was powder and I saw boarders and skiers going. I didn’t go in too deep but just enough to give my stomach flip flops and have me laugh as I went through the powder. I loved the feeling.

We did a few runs and by lunch time Warren had enough and we needed some food. He had let me know that on one of his falls he had hurt his rotator cuff again (past injury) and that he wouldn’t be going back out skiing. I was disappointed but I didn’t want him to get hurt anymore than he was.

Warren after the first run of the bunny hill
Warren after the first run of the bunny hill

After lunch Heather and I ventured out on our own while the boys stayed inside. We did a few runs and Heather showed me a new one. It had started to snow and the view wasn’t as clear as it had been. It was still nice though and great skiing. By the afternoon I had really caught on and improved from my first run or two down the bunny hill. I surprised myself because the last time that I had gone skiing I didn’t do that well and to be honest I have never been a great skier even when I first started the sport as a child. After we got back to the room we were talking about my skiing and Warren mentioned that I am stronger and fitter now than I was before. I hadn’t thought about it like that and was trying to figure out why I was doing better at it but he was right.

My Christmas turkey dinner from Fat Teddy''s
My Christmas turkey dinner from Fat Teddy”s

Christmas Day was a whiteout on the hill with only a few runs open. We are not hardcore skiers so it was a day to stay snuggled up inside and enjoy some movies and games but we did go to Fat Teddy’s for Christmas dinner. They had a special of a turkey dinner for that evening. Warren and I got it but it wasn’t the same as my own homemade turkey dinner.

Overall we had a great trip and I am glad that we went. I did realize though that I missed being at home with our Christmas tree, making my own dinner and having family and friends over. So, I am making a dinner on Saturday and invited a new friend from the gym who didn’t get a turkey dinner of his own.

I was glad that I got to help Warren with skiing because he showed me how to ride my road bike, Lily, when I had never rode one before. He was patient with me and waited for me like I did with him skiing. Our relationship is give and take and we are both supportive of each other. This learning curve just made our connection stronger.

The day at the hill made me see that I enjoy skiing where it has been something I thought I wasn’t very good at and something I didn’t really want to do. Would I go again this season? Yes. And I have a new sport that interests me and that is never a bad thing.

Have you ever tried something and then didn’t go back to it because at first you didn’t succeed? Maybe like me you should try it again. You may surprise yourself.



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