Christmas enjoyment

Happy New Year readers!

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and time with friends and family. I enjoyed the time off from work and got to spend lots of time with Warren, friends and family.

Back in November I wrote a blog called Less sweets and more sweating and I was doing really well at not eating the sweets and I had picked up my cardio and extended my time at the gym. Monday to Friday I was at the gym for 2 hours and I would then do my own workout on the weekends with Warren. I was on a roll. I went back to having my dessert yogurts after supper and they hit the spot for something sweet. I did have dessert in Seattle for our anniversary and two other times for the month of November but I felt ok with that and don’t feel that I over indulged but allowed myself to enjoy a treat now and again. Cutting it out completely is setting yourself up for a fall or so I think.

Homemade Turtles for Warren
Homemade Turtles for Warren

December hit and I was still going to the gym like I was in November. A few mornings I changed up my workout routine and did my own boot camp outside so I wasn’t seeing the gym every day. I enjoyed it. Then Warren and I went away on December 23rd to Mount Washington for Christmas and that was when it all started. I would have some wine, appetizer like foods, homemade baked goods that I had made to give as gifts and of course made extra for the trip, and chocolate. The rest of December I continued to work out but not to the length of time and the intensity I had been so I wasn’t working off my treats.

I weighed myself this morning to see what my 2013 weight was currently at and I have gained 5lbs of Christmas enjoyment. In the past I have let gaining weight get me down but this year I am changing the way I am thinking about it. For December what is gained is gained and can’t just worry it away because that won’t help me lose it. I allowed myself to enjoy my time off with food, family and all the fun that comes at Christmas. Could I have tried a bit harder to say no to something sweet? Sure…but for 11 months out of the year I eat well, I don’t typically eat sweets in excess or very much at all and I am active in one way or another each day.

So, now what? Well…I get back on track. This morning I headed to the gym before work and tonight I am meeting my friend Beth, at Frontrunners to see what their running group is like. She invited me to come out and they meet every Wednesday night at 6:00pm and I think it is Sunday’s at 8:00am. I am not an evening runner or exerciser for that matter but she asked me to run with her because we run around the same pace. Also, trying something new can never hurt and I know that changing up the way I train for running would benefit me. Right now I just go out and run and having some one make me do fartleks or speed training would help me improve my races coming up over the next 3 months. So it is a win for both Beth and I.

Water jug
Will a jug of water on your desk remind you drink more water?

One big thing I also did today to get my back on track was I started drinking water or more of it. I always struggling with drinking enough water when I am home and I don’t see the water jug on my desk or near me like I do when I am at work. The jug reminds me to drink which probably sounds weird but when I am home I don’t think of it.

Getting back into my routine will help me get things under control again. One step at a time. This isn’t a resolution to lose weight for 2013. This is just me getting back to my day to day and making it my lifestyle again. We all fall off the wagon and getting back on it can be hard but you can always do it.

How did you fair when it came to Christmas enjoyment? We you able to stay strong?

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