Pushing outside my running comfort zone

Last night I headed out to meet Beth and the Frontrunners Westshore group for their Wednesday night run. It was the first time I ran with Beth and the first time in a few years since I had run with a running group. I was hoping for the best because my last experience with a group wasn’t.

The start time was 6:00pm but I thought people would be there about 5:50pm or so to meet, get sorted and ready to run for 6:00pm. I arrived to see just Nick, the owner and one of his staff in the store. I know Nick so he chatted with me and asked ‘What was up?’ I said ‘Tonight is your group run right?’ and he said ‘Yes.’ I was worried because no one was in the store that I had either got the time mixed up or that Beth had made a mistake and they weren’t starting until the following Wednesday. But all was a go.

I wandered the store while I waited and at 6:oopm Beth arrived and so did more people. It was around 6:15pm once we started out from the store. We were told what our workout was going to be before we hit the road and that we were going to be running around Phelps Ave and Treanor Ave area. We would be running five minutes fast, close to race pace and then five minutes, a bit slower but not as slow as a jog.

We left the store and we had about a 10 minute warm up run so we could get to get to the area where we would be running. Nick let us know the workout again and that it should take us in total 25 minutes-three fast, two slower. Ok…I could do this. I was running with Beth, we run close to the same pace because we were close to the finish in past races and we would be there to motivate and encourage each other when we needed it. Away we went, tackling a hill within our first minute of the first five minutes of fast. Doesn’t sound enjoyable but our legs were fresh so it didn’t feel too awful.

With my Garmin watch I kept our time and motivated as we went along. It was a crisp evening but refreshing at the same time. We would meet other runners of the group as we went along and everyone encouraged each other. We didn’t all run together because everyone ran at different paces but typically there were pairs running together.

The last five minutes of fast running was the hardest. We hadn’t planned very well where the last five minutes would take us and we ended up running up another long hill; but we lucked out with the last minute being downhill and we felt the burn of the workout.

We met where we started from and then ran back to Frontrunners. It was a quick run back and then home for supper with Warren. He had been out at his own boot camp that he has been taking part of for the last month so we shared stories of our exercising as we scarfed back supper.  We both had a good evening working out. I wasn’t sure how I would do because I am not a fan of running in the evening because I feel heavy after the day but I did better than I thought.

The downfall of exercising in the evening for me is that we typically go to bed anywhere between 8:30-9:00pm because we get up so early but by the time I got home, ate, showered and made some tea it was 8:00pm. I headed to the couch to watch ‘Whitney’ and start to relax but at 9:30pm I was still wired. I felt great and I was ready to go which if it wasn’t my bed time I would be all for it. I knew morning workout at the gym would come quickly and  so would 4:00am. It was 10:00pm and I said to Warren that I need to try and go to sleep. I struggled to fall asleep and then at 2:30am I was awake. WHAT?! WHY?!  Warren was awake as well and we both tossed and turned. Not a good time. So, today I am a bit sleepy but made it to the gym for a sweat and it’s a good thing coffee is a friend of mine and was a pick me up this afternoon.

Will I go back to the running group? Yes. I enjoyed being pushed past my comfort zone and I feel like it will help me in the long run with my running.

Push past your comfort level when exercising. No pain...no gain.
Push past your comfort level when exercising. No pain…no gain.

What exercise have you done lately to push yourself outside of your comfort zone?



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