Running my run

Sunrise at the Victoria airport
Sunrise at the Victoria airport

The morning started out on a sad note but before lunch it ended on a high note. Sadness was because I took my husband, Warren to the airport. He is in the Navy and they go to Halifax for coursing sometimes. He will be back on April 20th and I look forward to that day already but I also look forward to what the next three months hold for me.

I have a good group of friends in Victoria who I can call on for company, I am going to see my friend Grace in Calgary for the Easter weekend,  I have joined the Frontrunners Running Group who meet on Wednesday nights and I have the Frontrunners Island Race Series happening every other Sunday until the weekend Warren comes back home. The time will fly by but I will miss the day to day things he and I share.

Lokey keeping my Lulu hoody warm

As I was driving home from the airport around 7:45am, the car temperature gauge read minus 4 at one point and I could tell by the sunrise that it was going to be a sunny day but crisp. Brr. Today was the first run in the series and it was the Harriers Pioneer 8K.

When I got home I tried to figure out what I would wear for the race. I knew that I get warm easily and when I get too warm it takes over my thoughts and it takes away from my running. So, while I tried to figure out what to wear, Lokey, one of our kiddos decided to keep my Lulu hoody warm. I ended up wearing my tank top and skull arm bands that I wear when I ride. I got asked by one of my friends if I would be wearing a hat or gloves but said no. I knew my hands would be cool to start but I would be ok and it ended up I was dressed perfectly.

Before the race I did my warm up with my new brightly colored New Balance racing flats that Warren got me for my birthday. I have never had racing flats before but after Warren got a pair last year for the series he knew I wanted some.

New racing flats
New birthday race flats

I headed near the front of the race line and was feeling nervous. It had been awhile since I had raced and because I had said before to you, my readers, that I was going to try and beat my times from last year than I had to try to do so.

The horn went off and so did the pack. As we started down the hill and the first thing I noticed were my feet felt light as I ran. I was feeling good and ready to tackle the course. I looked at my watch and it was telling me that I was running a quick pace. I remembered back to last years run and I had started out too fast so, I made sure that I watched my pace to keep myself on track.

I reached the 4k marker and it read a little over 17 minutes. If I kept running the same pace I wasn’t going to meet my time of 34:38 that I had run in 2012. I started to think about my running, how my shoulders were, how my arms and fingers were positioned and started to correct myself as I went along. I also started thinking about Warren and the advice he gave me before he left. He said ‘ Run your run’. I also thought of him when I got to various stages where I had seen him the year before. Today a few times I pretended someone was Warren and I needed to catch up to them and at the very end of the race there was a girl who I had seen the majority of the run and wanted to pass. I pretended she was Warren as she went up the hill to the finish line and I took off. The side stitch that started at the 7k mark wasn’t helping me but she was the girl I had to pass. I did and I passed one more man before I crossed the finish line. I felt good…well tired but good. I had beat my time from the year before. As I walked back to get a drink and get my gear I started to get tears in my eyes. I felt proud of myself and I got through my run with the help of Warren even though he wasn’t physically there. That made me feel happy and I was crying happy tears.

Finishing ribbon
Finishing ribbon

I found out my official time was 34:24 and I took 14 seconds off last years time and I placed 7th in my age group. I was very happy I placed in the top 10 because I have now moved up to the 35-39 age group and there are some elite runners in my age group. I will continue to run my run for the next 7 races and do the best that I can do.

I would like to do a shout out to my girls and my other friends who were running as well today. You did great and I am very proud of you all and will see you at the next race.

If you raced today how were you feeling out there? Did you learn anything to take with you to the next one?


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