Get up! We’re going for an easy run.

This week I had a few friends tell me that it is hard to get up in the mornings because it is colder outside and they just want to stay in bed where it is warm. So today I thought I would write about my experience a few weekends ago that reminded me of them.

I have those mornings myself where I just want to stay in bed or even go back to bed once I get up. I have come to realize about myself that in the winter and more in the month of January I tend to get a bit down and my working out suffers. I am effected by the weather and probably coming down off the ‘high’ of Christmas.

A few weekends ago I had mentioned to Warren on the Friday night that on Saturday morning I wanted us to go run the stair set that we like to do. There are a 169 stairs to the top and we do typically 10 sets. One set is to the top and back down. It is a great workout and we vary it up each set. But the Saturday morning came and I just wasn’t into running the stairs by the time we got there. I think we did three sets and headed home. It was Ok and I told myself it was my body telling me I needed a break.

Then Sunday came I was the same way. Felt tired and just blah and I even had gone upstairs and went back to bed. Warren came upstairs to find me and said ‘What is going on?’  We talked and I told him ‘I know I need to exercise to make me feel better but I just can’t get out there.’  He told me ‘Get up, we are going for an easy run.’

So, I slowly got up, got dressed, and we headed off. While out on the run I wasn’t moving very fast and I wasn’t really enjoying it but because Warren was beside me and pushing me along I did it. It wasn’t an intense, sweat like crazy workout but it did the trick to make me feel better, lifted my mood and got me back on track to feeling like I love working out again. It took Warren encouraging and supporting me to get me up and going and I really appreciate it.

jump start to success
We all need a little jump start to success

Sometimes all it takes is someone to motivate you. We all need help now and again and you can’t be afraid to ask for it. Do you have someone in your life for those days that are harder? Do you have a spouse, partner or a friend who you can ask for help to get you jump started again?


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