Treadmill groovin’

So, this morning Huli and I made our way to the gym ‘granny style’. The roads were frosty and had black ice on them and because she and I have slipped in the past I was going slow. We made it but the back tire slipped twice under me and made my stomach flip a few times.

Today was an ‘easy’ day at the gym and a day to just have my legs moving but not crazy fast. I have a 10k race on Sunday in Cobble Hill and I need to make sure my legs are not tired.

You just gotta groove!

While I was at the gym on the treadmill walking, the song Touch Me, that was sang on the TV show Smash came on my iPod. All of a sudden my hands started moving and I was singing away (but not outloud). I was really getting into it. As I was groovin’ on the treadmill I thought of my friend Kim and the video she posted on my Facebook one day. I had mentioned before that I ‘dance’ on the treadmill and she said she pictures me doing what this girl does. Full credit to this girl for doing what she does, not sure I could go as far as she does.

I personally like to see people getting into their music while they are at the gym because it shows they are pumped and ready to sweat. So, could you ‘dance’ on the treadmill? Or move and groove to your beats at the gym while working out?

You can’t be scared to.



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