I am my own motivator

This morning for some reason I woke up thinking about run club from this past Wednesday night. Maybe I was thinking about my chat with Warren about it or maybe I was just processes being part of the club? Not sure but either way it is now a blog post.

On Wednesday this week I got the email about what our workout was going to be for run club and because I have the 10k race on Sunday I was unsure if I should go. It seemed like it was going to be a long run and I didn’t want to have tired legs for the race. The workout was running about 4k as a warm up, then doing 4-1200m loops at your 10-10k race pace with a two minute rest; and then run back to the store and then home for me. I thought can I do this? It seems like a lot. I also knew that the girl that I run with wasn’t going due to a cold so I would have no one to push me and keep a race pace.

While I was home busying myself before I had to leave I flip flopped about if I would go but eventually decided that I would. I would run what I could and if I found I was getting too tired I would just slow down. I was running to improve me, not running for the club.

It was a mild evening and a nice one for running. I got to Frontrunners Westshore and said my hellos. There were a few new faces and now familiar ones. I can remember a few weeks ago when I first walked into the store for my first run I was feeling nervous and not really chatting because I didn’t know anyone. I now walk in and say hello and make small talk with the other runners.

We are told our route to run to get to the ‘loop’ area and we left store. I was one of the first to leave the store along with a few of the other guys I have introduced myself previously to but really don’t know anything more than their names. As we run along we chat and I find out one guy is a high school teacher and has been for 9 years. More people catch up and more conversations are had.

Bound and determined
Me, motivated to get to the finish line of the Harrier 8k race two weeks ago

I also found out from a few of the guys that night that they were having trouble to remember my name. I have been called Kayla a few times and have corrected them but told them they can just call me K or Beattie if they want to. Guess we will see what next week holds for my name.

While we are warming up I am thinking about having to run 4 loops at a race pace by myself.  It seems like so many to have to push myself for. Can I do that? Can I keep the pace and not slow down? Who is going to push me and get me through this? Well, the answer was yes, I can do this, I can keep the pace and I am going to push me through it. And even though it seems like so many loops initially, once you get running it isn’t as bad as you think.

I didn’t know the loop that we were running but was told the direction we need to go so I  decided that I was going to start out and then as people passed me I could see where they turned and could follow. It ended up that the guys who passed me were the ones who challenged me to try and keep up with them. I knew my legs couldn’t keep their pace and that a more realistic pace for me was around a 4:18-4:20k pace and even that was pushing my comfort zone but I was running it. My last loop started off strong but my legs were tiring so I slowed a bit to a 4:25k pace. I still felt good about what I had run and I knew I had pushed myself because my legs were tired on the run back to the store.

I guess the reason I am writing this post is to show that even though joining something new can be hard because you don’t know people and the thought of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is scary. It is something you can do if you put your mind to it and it can be a good thing for you.

So, when was the last time you did something new that was a bit scary but you have now over come that fear and are excited about tackling it again?


4 thoughts on “I am my own motivator

    1. Very true. So many people at one time and so many names to remember. Also, the challenge of being able to keep up and do the exercises. Once there very rewarding in many ways.


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