Electra Inspired

This morning I decided to do something different than running or going to the gym. I ran yesterday and am running with Beth tomorrow morning so I went for a cruise on Huli for an hour. It was a nice quiet, mild morning in Victoria and wanted to make the most of it by being outside.

I ride Huli to get back and forth to work but I don’t typically take her for long rides but while riding I started thinking of the Electra Bicylce Facebook page that I follow. They sometimes show photos of random things in the bike lanes. So, here are two random things that Huli and I saw today on our ride.

Not sure why this was in the road but would love to know the story behind it.
Huli and a pylon...not so crazy as the seal.
Huli and a pylon…not so crazy as the seal.

What are some random things you have found on your bike rides in the bike lanes?


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