How did you run in the snow and cold?

Happy Sunday!

Some of you who read my blog regularly know that my husband is away and is in Halifax, NS until mid April. It is cold and temperatures are really winter temperatures with windchill and snow unlike what he is used to in Victoria, BC. He is finding it a bit hard because he has only been able to get outside once so far since being there for a run.

I know this guy would make him run in the winter but do you have any other tips?

I know he is not a fan of treadmill running and I can’t say that I can blame him. I know when I lived in Halifax that was where I started running and I can remember when I was able to go outside it was so much better. Sometimes though running in the snow gave my legs a good workout.

Warren is a regular at the gym and has even got some of his classmates in the gym and working out with him. He makes up workouts and leaves them on the wall of the gym, and even people who aren’t Warren’s classmates are doing his workouts. I thought that was so great when he told me and love that he can inspire others because he has inspired me many times.

I am wondering if any of you who live in colder climates can give me some tips or advice on things that Warren can do while he is in Halifax so he can keep up with his running? He is hoping to qualify to go to the Ottawa Race Weekend with work again this year and would really like to keep his running pace up and good to go.

Do you go out and run in the colder temps? If not what do you do to motivate you on the treadmill? Are there particular workouts you do? Any tips would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “How did you run in the snow and cold?

  1. You should connect him with Kerry – she runs in the winter all the time and may have some pointers… Hope you are doing well. Hugs and kisses to you and the dudes!


  2. Hi! I live in Halifax. The Canada Games Centre has a great 6 lane running track- it’s located in Clayton Park. I’m not sure where he is staying so it might be out of his way. Dartmouth Sportsplex also has a smaller running track. Just a thought where he doesn’t like treadmill running!



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