Helping out…with two feet

This past Thursday I did something I have never done before. I helped out the ‘Next Steps’ group at Frontrunners in Westshore. Sean, one of the guys from the run club, posted on the group Facebook wall that he needed someone to help him with the group because he had a calf strain.

Could you be a run leader?

I was curious and wanting to help out  so I emailed him to find out what I would require me to do. Frontrunners on Thursday evenings has various training clinics happening for runners who want to run the TC 10k on April 28, 2013. The ‘Next Steps’ group are runners who have ran before but are just getting back into running after some time off due to various reasons.

Before we went running the group walked over to Parkway Physiotherapy, not far from Frontrunners, to learn some exercises that they could do to strengthen and reduce injury when running. There were about 50 runners listening and I found it was beneficial for me as well because I learned some new strengthening moves.

The physiotherapist asked that we had to work in groups of three to do the exercises and I met two ladies named Dawn and Kayla. Dawn had never run before but wanted to try something new and she has friends who are avid runners. Dawn mentioned that she needed to do better at finding time to run and I asked if early mornings would work for her if evenings were tough. She said she thought she could do that and would give it a try. I told her that if she ever wanted to go for a run that I would be willing to go with her and she liked the idea.

Kayla had run before but had stopped running while she was pregnant and was now getting back into it. She mentioned that she was having trouble with her IT band and I said I could relate. I told her some stretches that I know and have to do myself. She was happy for them.

We headed to a school close by and did a warm up. We all stood in a line and Nick, owner of Frontrunners, gave the warm up. We then broke out into our groups. I was with run leaders for Next Steps; Sean, Rich and Jeanette. My group of runners were told that they would be doing 5:1’s times 6. They would run for 5 minutes and walk 1 minute, 6 times. We started out and the group was staggered. I found myself sticking with Kevin at the back of the pack and encouraging him along. It was nice getting to know him and he asked about me and my running.  I found out from him that he needed the discipline of having someone tell him when to run and a group to meet. I said that it was great that he knew that and it was a great way to meet other runners.

As we ran I found I was really enjoying the run. It was nice to be able to get to meet new people and seeing how runner’s learn to run. I have never done a learn to run program before so it was new for me too. I loved the energy of the group and seeing so many people out running. It made me happy. It has also made me want to help be part of their success in running. I am going to speak to Nick and see if he needs any more leaders for the groups. Hopefully he will need my help but if he doesn’t it will be something that I will keep my ears open for so I can try and be a part of helping others in the future.

Have you ever been a run leader? What made you do it? Do you think you would consider it if you haven’t?


4 thoughts on “Helping out…with two feet

  1. Hey Kyla, sounds like a really great experience. I’ve been thinking a lot about running lately, just haven’t had the push to get started. We’re away right now but I will be in touch when we return for some pointers. It’s been 30 or so years, so baby steps. When I did run I had difficulty running with others because I was able to cover distances, just very, very slowly. No fun for anyone else.


  2. Hi Sharon, Thanks for your comment. Small steps are the best ones. If you go to big too fast you won’t stay with it. I look forward to chatting with you when you get back. More than happy to help. Hope your trip is going well.


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