I was on Fire!

Sing with me…I’m on Fire! Fire! Fire tonight!

That is how I felt last night. I had run club and our workout was about a 20 minute warm up to get to Colwood Corners from the Frontrunners Westshore. Our workout was 3-5-7-5-3 with 2 minute jogs in between. When I saw this on the workout schedule I had no idea what it meant but I soon found out and was afraid.

On fire…

The numbers above represent minutes and we would have to run the 3 minutes and 5 minutes at a 5k race pace. Beth, the girl I run with can run a 5k race pace around 4 minute kilometers. This body doesn’t run a 5k race that fast. So, I told her that she could set the pace and I would do my best to keep up to her. The 7 minutes we were to run around an 8k pace so for us that is about a 4:18-4:27 depending on the course.

So, we started out. There were three of us.  Beth kept the pace on her watch, I kept the time and Rick ran with us. Our first 3 minutes got us around the 800 meter loop we were running and didn’t feel so bad. We did our easy jog and off again for 5 minutes. We were all running side by side and then leg tiredness and mental tiredness started to sink in. I was feeling good and encouraged them along. Tired thoughts started being voiced and I would say think positive. To help I would tell them that they can do anything for however long it was left on the time. They both made it through and our next rest was up.

The 7 minute pace we ran around 4:25 and Rick fell off near the end. We regrouped and started again for the last two. I was still feeling good and was pushing myself. I surprised myself at how well I was doing because we were running around a 4:05-4:10 for the 5k pace. That is fast for me. The last minute of the 3 minutes was the toughest and so it should be but we did it. We were happy the workout was done but felt good that we had done it.

Some nights Beth is the motivator and some nights I am. Last night was my night to step to the plate.  She and I have talked about this before when we have ran and it is nice to have someone who can get you through when you are mentally and physically struggling.  I am happy to be part of this run club for many reasons and really happy she asked me to join. I feel I am benefiting in many ways both with my running and making new friends.

Do you have someone who is a good motivator for you when you are struggling? What gets you through a workout on your bad days?


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