Chasing the moon

This morning I decided that since the weather was nice and not the crazy winds and rain we had yesterday morning that I would go for a long run. My legs were feeling rested because I had taken Monday off so running Bear Mountain only seemed right. Why I wanted to do more hills after the race on Sunday was something I asked myself but I knew it was something I should do.

I headed out and it was cool but not awful. The temperature was around zero. As I left my house I looked up at the sky and the moon was beautiful. Around it were clouds and some of the moon was covered by them as well.

As I ran along I lost myself in my music but also the quietness of the morning. I love running while most everyone else is asleep. Once I started up Bear Mountain it was just me and the deer. They were up for breakfast and just watched me as I ran by them. As I made my way up the mountain the moon felt like it was getting closer and closer. The clouds had parted and it was just bright. I kept running towards it like a beacon calling me.

Once I reached the top I stopped for a minute just to admire it and then headed back towards home. Slowly the sky became brighter and my light was no longer needed. Just as I rounded the corner to my house I could see in the distance the pink of the sky as the sun was starting to rise and it made me smile.

What are you chasing?

I was so happy I went for the run. It was a good workout and a perfect way to start my day.

When was the last time you chased something?


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