Hitting the hills…Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

This morning my friend Margot, my Aunt Heather and my Uncle Murray headed to Mount Washington Ski Resort for the day and what a great day it was.

M&K skiing
Margot and I

We arrived at the hill a little after 9am and since I don’t have skis of my own I had to rent them. I had done it before at Christmas time when I was there so I knew what to do and was hoping to make it through the process quickly. I filled out the paperwork and headed down the hall. I saw a huge line and started to text Heather to tell her to head up for a run and I would meet them at the Hawk Chair lift. But just before I was going to send the text a guy who worked there came over and said ‘Are you part of the group?’ I told him no and he moved me to a shorter line. YAY! I was happy for that.

The line moved along fast and a lady named Jane took a look at my form and said `Your form is the first one to come in this morning filled out correctly. This will go along quickly.’ I was happy for that because Heather, Murray and Margot had their equipment and I didn’t want them to have to wait a long time for me. I got through to get my boots, skis and polls and met Margot outside the rental place and we met Heather and Murray at the Hawk Chair. We were on our way up.

Our Kingdom for the day…Mount Washington

The morning was overcast but it wasn’t cold. It was a good temperature for skiing or at least one I was happy with because I get cold quickly. As the day went on it started to clear up and the clouds would part and the sun would shine on various places below. To me when I see the sun shining through the clouds I always think of The Lion King movie when Mufsa says to Simba ‘Everything the light touches is our Kingdom’.

We conquered the Hawk Chair and made our way to the Eagle Chair. I had never gone on this chair to the top of the mountain but I was excited. Seeing a new place and also getting to experience new runs. We spent the day on various blue runs for they were perfect for our ability. Some were a bit steep for me and at one point I had gotten myself going in a different place than I had gone before because I was following Margot. After I was a few feet down the run I saw Murray go the way I typically go but I was too far down in the run to make my way out gracefully to go the ‘easier’ way.  I stopped and said to myself ‘You only live once and you better not fall in front of these people.’ These people were the people who were on the chair lift going over me. I headed down the steeper run and I made it. I felt good and was happy I had done it.

After a few more runs we decided to stop for lunch. We took a 45 minute break and shared past stories of skiing and got to know each other better. It was good to give my legs and ankles a bit of a rest but I looked forward to getting back on the slopes as well. I was having so much fun.

The whole day Margot spent the day in front of me but would wait for me at various places along the way. I had told her that she didn’t need to wait after she let me see which direction she was going and that I would catch up with her. She said that taking breaks to wait was good because it gave your legs time to rest, which was something I hadn’t considered.

I wanted to do the runs at my own pace and what I felt comfortable with. I have surprised myself with my skiing abilities since it had been 12 years since I skied before this past Christmas. For Margot it had been three years and  it was just like riding a bike. And just like when we ride our road bikes together Margot is always in front of me going down the hills. It made me laugh.

Heather and Murray at the top of the Sunrise lift

After lunch we went off to explore a few runs with Heather and Murray on the Sunrise chair. I had never been on this lift or hill either but wanted to see what it held. These ones were a bit steeper and had some ice on them. On our second run down I started to slide down the hill on my bum. I was trying to stop myself but because it was steep and icy I couldn’t stand and I was also laughing which didn’t help. It ended up that sliding got me down quicker and easier for the steep part and that was the first time I had fallen. I had broke my ‘no fall’ record because when we skied on Christmas Eve I didn’t fall. Margot later told me that it just meant I was working harder. I agreed.

Near the end of the day as I caught up with Margot I had said ‘I can’t wait to have sore legs tomorrow’ and both she and another guy who was near us laughed. I love the feeling of my muscles hurting after a workout. It means I gave it all I had and it also makes me feel like I have accomplished something. The way my legs were burning going down the hills today I should have a good ache tomorrow…if I am lucky.

I dropped Margot off at her house and as her husband opened the door she said ‘Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!’ That made me smile and was just another thing that made the day a success.

Kyla skiing
Me on the slopes

Today was a day filled with fun in the snow, some sun, laughs and friends and family sharing stories. What was your day filled with?


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