Great day at the Bazan Bay 5k

Today was the Synergy Health Management Ltd Bazan Bay 5K race in Sidney,BC. It was the fifth race of the VIRA series and man oh man were there a lot of people. It was crazy!

I was a little late getting to the race this morning so initially I had that rushed feeling when I got out of the car but it ended up being just the right amount of time for me. I am not a fan of waiting around a long time for the race to start. I like to get a little warm up done so my legs feel like they are good to go but I only run about 5-10 mins and do some ABC running drills. I don’t feel like I need to or should run for a long time beforehand. Maybe someone would tell me different?

I enjoy seeing my friends and fellow runners when I arrive but a good thing about these races is that there is a central meeting place afterwards where we get food, drinks and have time to be social there. They wait until all the runners are back they give out the awards and door prizes so, I get caught up with people then.

I headed to the start line once I got my bib and I met up with a girl that I had been running with, sort of, at the Hatley Castle 8k race. When I say sort of running with her I mean that she and I would run together and then she or I would go ahead and we continued that for a bit until she over took me at one point of the race. We started running together to the start line that was a few streets away and I found out her name is Rhonda. She asked what I was hoping to run today and I told her my time last year was 20:35 so I was hoping to beat that even by a few seconds. She then said that she would be using me to get her through the race. Something was telling me that the way she ran at the 8k, I wouldn’t be anywhere near her and I was right. I saw her during the run and she faded and faded from me. After the race we spoke and I told her great job.

As I got to the start I saw a few familiar faces and said my hellos. I then saw Beth, my running partner from the run club on Wednesday nights. The race was soon going to start and all you could see was a wall of people lined up because it is part of the Timex Road Running Series so everyone who is a runner comes out to it.  It is great to see but it makes it hard to find a place in the start line. Beth and I weaved our way in and we were about 6-8 people deep. Someone was announcing things but with all of the noise we couldn’t hear anything. We knew that once the people in front of us started moving we needed to as well.

Feel like a winner

My plan for the race was to run my run but I also wanted to try to stay with Beth or at least be able to see her. She and I both ran the race last year, but didn’t really know each other and didn’t run it together but finished at the exact same time. So, I knew from run club and also from last year that we run the same pace or there abouts.

Before we started Beth said to me ‘Don’t try and keep pace with these guys at the start. They run way under 4 minute k’s and you don’t want to get sucked into their speed and go too hard too fast.’  She was right and I know I have a tendency to get carried away with them at the start. I listened to what she said and not long after we were off.

Beth was in front and I was a few steps behind her. I had to keep telling myself to find my own pace. As we went along I started to catch up and ran beside her. She told me ‘Good job’ and I did the same to her. Beth stayed ahead for the first half of the run. As we rounded the corner I went to the inside and she came around on the outside but was faster. She waved me on to catch up and I did. We ran together and encouraged each other. Beth then started to fall back a bit. I know that from her track days she can ‘cycle’ her legs to go faster so I didn’t think she would be too far behind me and would probably take me at the finish. I waited for it.

It ended up that she didn’t but she was only 12 seconds behind me. She did great and she helped me get through the run. I didn’t get my personal best, off by 3 seconds for the course but I finished in a time of 20:38 and came 7th in my age group. There were 748 runners who ran today and 38 in my age group alone. I feel great about where I placed with so many runners to compete against.

I would like to say thank you to Synergy Health Management for the massage that I won today as a door prize. I had just been saying that I would like a massage so this will be put to use this week if all goes well.

Up next…LifeMark Esquimalt 5k, March 16.

How was your run today?


2 thoughts on “Great day at the Bazan Bay 5k

  1. Great job as always, love reading your blogs! Makes me feel like you are sitting across from me! Enjoy your massage! Hugs!!!!


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