A successful friend & family 5k

LifeMark NumberThis morning I took part in the LifeMark Health Esquimalt 5k Run. It was a mild morning but grey so before I left for the run I put on my coconut body lotion so I could think of the warmth of the sun on a beach and pretend it was sunny in my world.

The day before the race I went to pick up my race bib and also did a drive of the course. I wanted to get an idea of where I would be running and where I would need to try to pick up my pace for the last kilometer. I realized this morning that I drove the route in reverse so I had to rethink things.

Since this event was both a walk and a run I had ask some of my friends and family members who don’t typically enter races if they wanted to take part. I figured because the distance was shorter and mostly flat than they might be interested. I ended up getting a few recruitment’s and I was excited about that.

I had asked my co-worker Tanya, before the run, what she had in mind for a time. I think setting a realistic goal is a good way to motivate yourself when running. She said she would be glad to run it in a half an hour. She did it and was under. After the run was done I asked her if she felt good that she did it because I know she isn’t a fan of racing. She had only crossed the line a few minutes before and was still breathing hard when I asked. I then said, ‘Never mind. Don’t answer that. I will ask you later.’ I rethought my question because I could tell at that moment she was not enjoying the fact that she ran. Later though I received a text letting me know that she was happy with her time and felt like a ‘lean mean running machine’ and that made me smile.

Dave, a friend and fellow runner from the Island Series had a personal best today for his race. He wanted to run it in under 23 minutes and succeeded with a finished with a time of 22:23. Way to go Dave!

The big highlight for me today was that I had family at the run and they weren’t on the side lines cheering me on at the finish. My two aunt’s, Sharon and Heather and my mother-in-law, Fern were walking the race. I had put the invite out via Facebook but I wasn’t sure they would take me up on it but very excited they did. Before the race started I had told them that I would run my run and then I would come back and walk the rest of the route with them. Sharon teased and said they would be just rounding the fourth block by the time I was done.


After Tanya and Dave had crossed I headed to go meet the family. As I ran back along the course in the direction of the runners headed towards the finish line I cheered them on telling them ‘Good job! Way to Go! You’re almost done!’ The smiles on some of their faces was worth it and rewarding for me. I know that the end of a run is not pleasant and you just want it done. So, to hear them say “Thank you’ meant they were happy for the encouragement. A few of the runners and walkers would tell me that I was going the wrong way and some asked if I was out for a second run. I just laughed and told them I was headed to meet family.

I met Sharon and Heather about 1.5 from the finish. As we walked I asked them when the last time was that they entered a race? I found out that all three of them did the TC 10k back in 2001. It made me feel good that they were taking part in an event like this after so many years. I walked with them to the finish to see them cross, congratulated them and then headed back to meet Fern who was walking with her friend Diane.

Family runners
Sharon, me, Heather, Diane and Fern…all finishers.

Again as I went back along the route I encouraged and motivated the walkers and a few runners. It made me feel good and I was smiling as I did it. A win win situation really. Fern and Diane were about 1k from the finish when I met up with them. I walked with them to the finish line and congratulated them. We then headed inside for a bite to eat and meet up with the other ladies. We weren’t successful in winning any door prizes at the event today but I think my family have the success of completing the walk and my friends have the success of completing the run in a desired time they wanted to reach.


My run today was good but my legs felt a bit tired.  I finished with a time of 20:27 and I am pleased with that. Overall I came in 3rd for my age group and was fourth woman through. I could see the girl in front of me who came in third but I just didn’t have the legs to catch her today. She ran a good run. Today my success was seeing my family and friends at the event and motivating others.


What makes a run successful to you? Did you take part in the event today? How did you do?

PS. Congrats to all the kids who ran the 1k race today and thank you very much to all the volunteers and sponsors who helped put the run together.

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