Sweating, eating and fun in Graceland

View from the air
The beautiful mountains and view before landing in Calgary

On Thursday after work I headed to the Victoria airport because I was headed away on a girls weekend to Calgary to see my friend Grace. I hadn’t seen Grace since January and I had only been to Calgary once many moons ago and didn’t see much of the city so I was excited to explore and see where she lived.

I arrived in Calgary around 8:45pm and we headed to Grace’s apartment where we opened a bottle of wine and started to get caught up. Before I had arrived in Calgary Grace had said that for every glass of wine that we had we had to walk the hill by her house. I was game for that. So, we headed out for a walk. The road she lived on is a rolling hill so we definitely did our share of hills for the wine we drank. It was also good to get some fresh air and see where she lives.

Java brewed in a coconut shell


Friday morning we got up and had some java but it wasn’t brewed in the typical way that I would make it at home. Grace had half of a coconut shell with 3 holes in the bottom of it that we set on top of a coffee mug. Inside the shell was a paper filter and ground coffee. It was a neat way to brew our coffee and tasted good.

We got ready to go sweat and I had set an hour and twenty minutes on my Garmin watch, had my purple band I use to help with chin ups and our running boot camp workout written out. We were off and Grace lead the way because I didn’t know where we were going. It was a beautiful morning so I was just happy to be out and so was G.

As we ran along we checked out the huge houses that were old and new and enjoyed the quietness of the morning. Our plan was to do a 5 minute running warm up and then do an exercise like lunges, squats, plank etc for one minute and then run for one minute. Sometimes we would stray off our workout if we found something along that way that we could do to challenge ourselves. For instance we found a short but wide log in the middle of a school field that we picked up and carried over our heads to the fence, did 10 sumo squats and then walked with it back to the other person who was holding a plank the whole time . We also used play ground equipment and just our own body weight to make things challenging.

Yummy eats
Two girls who exercise to eat.

Next on the agenda was meeting Grace’s boyfriend Mike and some of their friends. We met for coffee and then Grace and I went to the Blue Star Diner for brunch. It was delish and I would recommend it. Be prepared for a long wait but it is worth it. On full stomachs we headed to Kensington for some shopping and sight seeing.

We had a great day and since we both love sunrises and sunsets we tried on Friday evening to catch the sunset but the clouds didn’t cooperate with us. We had a nice view of the city and we ended up finding the next place for our workout on Saturday morning. Bring on the stairs.

Saturday morning arrives and both of us can feel muscle soreness in our butts and legs from the day before. We ‘complain’ but we like that it hurts because we then know we did a good workout. We again created our Stairway to Fun workout so we had the basics of what we wanted to do but Grace and I are known for adding a little more ‘burn’ than what we already have planned.

Stairway to fun

We did 11 sets of the 166 stairs. There weren’t many people when we started but by the time we reached the mid-way point in our workout the stairs were becoming crowded. We finished and then off to Chinook Centre for more shopping. Our mission we chose to accept was to find me shoes. Many, many stores later we found two pairs.

Saturday night we went to see Rihanna at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Warren had brought us tickets and we had no expectations of what the concert would be like. We had to wait awhile before she came on stage but we had a great time and while we waited we people watched and just enjoyed ourselves.

Fun times
Fun times

We had to make the most of my time and we want to do something different so on Sunday morning we got up early and headed to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for cross-country skiing. That morning the sky was grey and it was a bit cold but we had rented skis and boots from MEC the day before so we were going to make the most of it. As we got closer to the park the sun started to shine and it turned out to be really nice. We were skiing in t-shirts after a bit. I had never been cross-country skiing before but liked it. The area was beautiful and it was a great experience.

Sunday evening we went to Model Milk for Sunday supper and Mike joined us. There is a set menu that is served to you on Sunday evenings and it changes every Sunday. You get starters, mains, sides and dessert and you share the plates that are served to you. So, if one person likes one thing better than the other you can have more of that one…unless it is the brownie we had at the end for dessert. The food was great and if you get a chance to go I would suggest it. I also liked the atmosphere and the idea of it.

The weekend was jam-packed full of workouts, food, fun and catching up. The weather was great and I loved everything about my trip to Graceland.

I would like to send a thank you to the following peeps: Grace for having me there to see where you live and for being you. Jeff, Amanda and Ryder for taking care of the cats while I was away. Heather and Murray for the drive to and from the airport and Warren for the Rihanna tickets and more.

How was your Easter long weekend? What fun things and activities did you get up to?


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