5, 4, 3, 2, 1…laps

Last night I had run club and was looking forward to seeing the group to hear about their long weekend and to run. On Tuesday Beth let me know that she would be there but was feeling low energy wise so it might be a struggle. I told her that between the two of us we would get through it.

The evening was a nice one for running. Mild temperatures and we had a big group with some new and old faces who had been returning from a break. It was good to see so many out. As we gathered together at Frontrunners Westshore Nick let us know that we would be running the long way for a warm up, to get to Belmont Secondary School track and once we were there we would be doing laps. I have never been a fan of running laps and find it hard to run in a circle or the same spot over and over again but I had fellow runners with me so I would make it. And sometimes you just have to do the things you are not  a fan of.

Our workout was to run 5 laps, 4 laps, 3 laps, 2, laps, 1 lap and there was also 1 jog lap in between each set of laps. The first set of laps started at your 8-10k race pace and got faster from there. Beth had the pace on her watch and I just ran to keep up with her. I like when she knows the pace that we are running because I am then not thinking about how fast I am going. For some reason when I know I am going faster than I think I am, I find it daunting and it makes me want to slow down. I am not sure why but it does.Track

So, once and awhile Beth would tell me our pace but for the most part I just ran what she runs. Except for last night when it came to the last lap when she boogied. She is used to running the track and has raced and trained on it a lot. I on the other hand have not and I was also feeling tired from the previous laps. That was the point though…our last lap was supposed to be the hardest for us to get through. I tried to keep up with her but I just couldn’t mentally and physically. At the end of the last lap I said ‘This body is not made for sprinting.’ I have said that before but try my best.

After we caught our breath Beth and I were talking about the differences between us running wise. She can sprint and run the track while I on the other hand could run a longer distance more comfortably than she could. I agreed completely but it is good for us to run together doing various workouts because we can help push each other out of our comfort zones.

I was happy for the workout to be done and even though I found it hard I felt good once I was done and home.

Are you a track runner? Or are you a long distance runner? What is your favorite distance to run?


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