Seeing things solo

Easter Lilies from a different view

Typically when I go for a walk on my lunch break at Royal Roads University I make plans to go with different friends on campus so we can get caught up on each others lives and who doesn’t like to walk with someone rather than solo…if the opportunity is there.

Well, today I ventured to the trails with just my umbrella and my phone (camera) because one of the staff at the RRU Recreation Centre had put the following on their Facebook status:

“If you would like to see something truly beautiful, head over to the far side of RRU property, by Fort Rodd Hill. The Easter Lilies are amazing! If you are not sure which trails to take to get there please come to the Rec Centre and we will point you in the right direction.”

I commented and asked where to go to find these lilies because I was looking for something to do at lunch. I find when I walk solo I need a destination.  Since I have been on the trails many times before running or walking I had a rough idea where to go. I left my office when my co-worker got back from lunch and headed towards Charlie’s Trail.

Swans…just chilling

As I walked along I started taking in the sights and sounds. It was quiet but you could hear the birds and the rain falling on the umbrella and in the trees. I could hear the water rushing in the waterfall at the start of the trail. I found myself looking at the old trees in the woods and the funny way that some of the branches had grown.

As I got closer to the Lagoon I saw swans close to the shore. I always think it is so amazing to see swans in the bodies of water in Victoria because when I was growing up in Nova Scotia you would only see swans in captivity; not just swimming around.

Ryder, Amanda and I at Taylor Beach

I found the Easter lilies that the Rec centre was talking about. I actually didn’t realize that was what these flowers were called. On the Monday when I was out for a walk at Taylor Beach with Amanda and Ryder I had seen these and made a comment about how the flower faces upside down. I thought it was odd that it didn’t face the sun to show the beauty of it.

As I walked along I enjoyed just being by myself. It was nice to see all of the things that I probably would have missed if I would have been talking with a friend.

As I came back to my office I stopped at the top of the Neptune stairs to admire the Castle. How many of you can say that you work at a place that has a castle? I actually at one point worked in the castle and that was pretty cool to tell people.

Hatley Castle

When was the last time you walked alone and took in everything around you?

4 thoughts on “Seeing things solo

  1. You truly have some beautiful sites to see in Victoria but none as beautiful as you are Kyla! I love your blogs, it makes me feel like I am right there with you. Thanks for sharing your life with me!


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