Warla`s story of applying for The Amazing Race Canada

Date night
Warla dressed up for a date night.

In December 2012 Warren and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when I was looking at my Twitter feed on my phone and saw someone had mentioned that The Amazing Race Canada was coming to Canada and would be airing in the Summer of 2013. Warren and I have talked in the past about applying for The Amazing Race but we weren’t able to apply because we weren’t US citizens. We had said that if one ever came for Canada that we would apply…this was our chance.

Warren was scheduled to leave for Halifax on January 13th so as soon as the news was out that applications were being accepted we started working on our video. I was so excited and eager to get started. We looked up past application videos to see what people had done so we could see what we liked and what we didn’t like.

I started writing out some things that we could talk about based on the questions and ideas they had posted online as good things to mention. They were: `Why do you think you should be on The Amazing Race Canada? Tell us about yourself and your teammate. How will your personalities affect your experience on the show?  How will you interact with the other teams? How will you interact with each other?`

When our friends came over for New Year’s Eve we had asked them to record something about us that we could use on the video because we had seen that some people had done that. It ended up that the room was too dark when the recording was being done so we weren’t able to use it but we enjoyed hearing what our friends thought of us as a couple and how supportive they were.

One night Warren and I sat down with a ‘script’ of things about ourselves and we started talking into the video camera we had placed on our dining room table. We had to get the video to be three minutes or under. We replayed it and I said to him ‘That is not us. They want to see us and this doesn’t show our personalities at all. We look boring!’  And for anyone who knows us we are not a boring couple.

Well what would do we do? We only had a short amount of time to get a video submitted even though the deadline to submit was February 28, 2013. So, we put our thinking caps on and came up with an idea. I started getting even more excited.

A chilly Saturday morning in January before Warren left for Halifax, we headed to do stair repeats at a crazy set of 169 stairs just off Veteran’s Memorial. We had our video camera and we had some of the ideas and things in our head that we were going to talk about.

W and I after the GoodLife Victoria 10k and Half Marathon 2012

When we arrived at the stairs there wasn`t anyone there and that was perfect so we wouldn`t have much in the way of background noise. But just as we were ready to start recording two ladies started coming down the stairs for their workout. They asked us what we were doing and we let them know. They kindly offered to just do repeats of the stairs that were at the top and not at the bottom where we were. The perk of there being 169 stairs to go up and down.

I stood in front of the camera, Warren hit record and we were off. I was cold and I was nervous even though it was just Warren and I. To me it was still public speaking which I am not a fan of. As we got recording I was making mistakes and it wasn`t `perfect` like I thought it should be. Warren said `Just speak into the camera and say whatever it is you want to say and we can edit it later. ` So I did…we did.

We came home happy and excited to see what we had on video. We downloaded it to the computer as we sat watching it we both had smiles on our faces. It was us. It showed who we were, our personalities, the fun couple that we are and even our nervousness and/or coldness.

You can see our Amazing Race Canada application video here.

After we submitted the video, our pictures and little questionnaire we then had the waiting game. I am not the most patient person when I am excited about something. But…we waited and it was only on my mind every other minute of the day and not every minute. Ha!

Application submitted

Then the day came mid-January when we received seven page questionnaire that was the second step in the being chosen to be on the show. Warren and I were SO excited. We weren`t allowed to tell anyone and that was hard to do. We had seven days to get the questionnaire done and sent back to them. We worked on it together through emails and got it sent off Xpresspost to the casting team. We then had to wait again.

Warren and I have been together for five years and even though that isn`t a long time I like to think I know a lot about him and that he knows a lot about me. We found while we worked on the questionnaire we were still learning about each other and we loved it. I learned of a moment that Warren was the proudest and what was his most challenging experience was so far in life. Things that don`t come up in day-to-day conversation.

After we were done filling out the questionnaire Warren said `Even if we don`t get accepted this was a good experience and it was like couple counselling.` He was right and I hadn`t thought of it that way. We grew closer and learned more about each other.

We didn’t make it for the first season of The Amazing Race Canada but it was a great experience over all. We will be applying again and look forward to seeing what we can do to `wow`the casting team next time.

Do you think you could do The Amazing Race Canada with your partner? Or would you pick a friend to do it with?


7 thoughts on “Warla`s story of applying for The Amazing Race Canada

    1. Thank you. We enjoyed the experience and it was very exciting to get the attention of the casting crew. Who knows what we can come up with next year but we will be up for the challenge.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. Do you have a friend in mind that you would do it with? Would Derek do it or be interested in doing it? I wanted to do it with Warren because I wanted to see and explore the new places with him. I know that it wouldn’t be all roses the whole time but we could learn more about each other. 🙂


    1. It really was an adventure in applying. A great learning experience and connecting with your partner whether friend or significant other. Will you try again? I know we will. Thanks for stopping by.


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