In search of newspapers

Last night before I went to bed I planned on getting up and going for a run before work because I have a girls night planned after work. I typically go to run club on Wednesday nights but I wouldn’t be able to go. I had also decided earlier in the week that this week was going to be about me. It wasn’t going to be about training runs or racing on the weekend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my run club on Wednesday night where we do interval training, speed work and such. And I enjoy the race environment and striving to beat your previous time. But this week I needed to get back to remembering what it was like to run without thinking about the pace I am running and just taking in my surroundings.

So, I got up and had some java, made my lunch for the day and I was ready to go. As I opened the front door at 5:30am I noticed it was raining. I headed upstairs to get my arm bands to put on and headed out. It was mild out so I didn’t take my gloves or hat.

I had already decided that I was going to run Bear Mountain because I have the Sooke 10k race on April 21st and it is a hilly one. It is also the last of the Island Series runs and Warren will be home to run it. I can’t wait! Crossing that finish line and having him be there will be the best.

When I started out my hands were a bit cold but they warmed up quickly. My legs felt good, my tunes were motivating and I was enjoying the run even with the rain. I ran up a street that is past the main road that takes you up Bear Mountain. It is a good hill that winds its way to the top and will come out at Bear Mountain Road. As I headed up the hill towards to top of Bear Mountain I saw deer just laying in the grass and relaxing. They were still rising and shining I guess because they just stayed laying in their spot as I went by.

Once I passed the first roundabout I decided to run a street that went to the right. I had never been down it before so wanted to do some exploring and it would also be another hill I would have to run up. As I went down the street I could see Times Colonist newspapers on the sidewalks. I decided that I would deliver the newspapers to the people’s doors instead of having them come out in the rain to get them. I was already soaked so why not? As I ran along whenever I would see a paper I would take it to the front door. It made me happy as I went along and it also broke up running the hill. newspaper

I finished running the street, headed to the top of Bear Mountain and then turned around. I decided that I would do some more exploring. I had an hour and thirty minutes for my workout and I still had lots of time. I found a set of stairs that I had never been on before so I followed those. They went to a little trail that came out on a sidewalk of a big hill. I went in search for newspapers as I ran up it. At one point on my way back down the hill I actually slipped at the end of someone’s driveway while trying to pick up the paper. The owners of that house could have been picking up more than their newspaper this morning. Ha! I didn’t hurt myself and the lights were still off in most houses so I know that no one saw me.

As I ran up the long, what seemed like it was never-ending hill I was thinking to myself that I can use this run as motivation when I run the Sooke 10k. I can pretend I need to deliver papers to various houses and I am in search of those papers and need to get to the top.

Once I made it back to the main road I just continued down the hill towards home. I arrived home soaked but I felt great. I had enjoyed my morning and delivering the papers. Also, those people who did receive their paper on their doorstep may think that the Times Colonist had a new delivery person in their area today and that made me smile.

What gets you to the top of a hill?

What good deed did you do lately that made you smile?

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