Grocery store random act of kindness

Today has been a day of errands and running around from store to store since I got home from the gym this morning. I enjoy getting things done one day of the weekend so I can have one free day to me.

This afternoon I was in line to pay for my groceries at the Superstore in Langford and in the isle next to me I heard a mother of two children until the age of 2 say to the cashier ‘I don’t have my wallet. I am so sorry to have all these things on here but I won’t be able to pay for them.’ Just as the cashier was trying to figure something out for the mother, the lady who was behind her said ‘I will pay for your groceries.’ The mother looked so surprised and said ‘Really?’ The lady said to her ‘I have been in your shoes before with kids and I know how hard it is to get to the store when you have little ones so I will pay.’ The mother was so happy and said told her thank you so much. I also heard the mother say that it was one of her child’s birthday party tomorrow and she was buying all the supplies for the party.

As I stood in line and saw how happy the mother was I had goose bumps. As I write this blog I have goose bumps. I then heard then mother say ‘I will definitely pay this forward.’ I hope the mother does because I am a big believer in random acts of kindness. Just like the other day with me delivering the newspapers to the front doors of people’s houses. I spoke to the mother before I left and just said to her ‘That was a great thing that lady did for you. You don’t hear or see things that like that very often.’ The mother had a huge smile on her face and just agreed with me.

I know this isn’t my typical blog but it is one that I had to share because it is something that touched me and made me feel good. I am also a person who enjoys the small and simple things in life.image-cedc980d61e20a9a08f0c8d37265f4ce-february-17-random-acts-of-kindness-day

Next time someone looks like they need help or if you think about helping someone but then just start to walk away…turn around and help them. I am sure they will be grateful.

Tell me about a random act of kindness that you have done? Or that someone did for you lately?


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