The running of 5 lakes

I have had a good weekend catching up with girlfriends and also getting things ready for Warren’s arrival this coming Saturday afternoon. This girlie is very excited to see him and cannot wait to give him a big hug at the airport.

The last two evenings have been fun but I have been up a bit late so this morning I slept in a little and it was nice to get some extra sleep.

Last night when I was headed to a clothing swap with Amanda she mentioned that she was meeting her running group at the Running Room in Langford for an 18k run. She is training for the BMO Half Marathon taking place on May 5, 2013 in Vancouver. I asked her if I could go with her and she said ‘Yes.’  She told me that the group goes slower than I am used to and they run 10:1’s. I let her know I was ok with that and I would let her know for sure in the morning if I was going to go.

When I got up this morning and looked out the window, the sky was grey I wasn’t sure if it was going to get nice. It felt like a morning where I needed a friend to help motivate me so to text Amanda to let her know that I would like to go running with her if the offer stood? She text me back and said ‘Sure!’ I met her at her house at 8:15am and we headed  to the Running Room. Once we arrived I saw my friend Christina and chatted with her for a few. Amanda and I then went in the store and she introduced me to some of the people she runs with.

Our group would be running around or near the ‘five lakes’. The five lakes were Lake Ida Ann, Florence Lake, Langford Lake, Glen Lake and Colwood Lake. Colwood Lake is actually just a man made pond but it was fitting for this run to be called a lake.

18k route map
18k route of the 5 lakes

I started out running with Amanda, Shelly and Lauren and we chatted as we ran along. By the time we reached Langford Lake, Lauren and I had moved away from the group and were getting closer to the ‘lead’ group. As we ran along I found out that she knows Dan from my run club through Frontrunners Westshore and she is an OR nurse. Lauren is also training for the BMO Half Marathon and is hoping to run her first half in under two hours. I had to make a pit stop so Lauren kept running and I then caught up with Amanda again and ran with her for the rest of the run.

Before we started running today I was prepared to be out running for at least two hours since the group was running 10:1’s. I was good with that and knew I would be able to run for that long and was ready to go. But, near the end to my surprise I was finding it hard. I was telling Amanda that running a slower pace or maybe it was just running the 10:1’s was  more difficult for me than just running straight time. I can run 18k or longer fairly easy but with all of the things combined today I was ready to be done. I was also getting hangry (hungry/cranky) so that didn’t help either.

I made it home, happy I had ran with Amanda and happy that I did something that ended up challenging me. Sometimes the things you least expect are the good things.

What is something that you have done lately and had an outcome that you least expected?


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