Sooke River 10k and looking back

Yesterday was the last run in the Island Series and it was the Sooke River 10k. Warren had arrived home on Saturday from Halifax and was running it too. I had posted a note one day on his Facebook wall asking if he would like to go on a date with me for the run and then I would treat him to a really big ice cream cone at the Shell Station. It is an ongoing joke with Warren and I when we drive by the gas station and I say ‘I hear they sell really big ice cream cones there.’ and Warren will then say ‘I don’t know how they make any money then.’ Probably not all that funny to you guys reading this but it always makes us smile and it is one of those little things.

Happy peeps
Happy peeps

Warren got up before me yesterday morning because he was used to be up four hours earlier with the time difference. I slept in until 5:30am and as I headed downstairs it was so nice to see Warren at the computer. I made us our pre-race breakfasts and we chatted over coffee.  It was time to make my playlist for the run but this time it was created from the ‘Best of my 2013 Running Series playlists’ and I added a few other songs. I decided that since it was the final run of the series that I would go back through my songs and find the ones that really made me feel like I ran faster when they came on or the ones that had some sort of ‘good feeling moment’ attached to them.  I was almost ready to go and I was looking forward to the run.

A friend and fellow runner of the series was getting a ride with us to the race so we picked Daniel up at 10:00am and headed to Sooke. The sun was out and it was a nice day for a run. We parked and made our way inside the school to get our race numbers and get ourselves ready. I introduced Warren and Daniel to some people I have met while running the series and we chatted with some mutual friends. I love seeing fellow runners at the races. They are always so friendly and even though about half of the people I see at the races I don’t know outside of the ‘race setting’  it is always nice to chat and learn something new about them. I find at each race the conversations get longer and you learn a little bit more about them. Hopefully I will see some of my new friends around Victoria and won’t have to wait until next January when the series starts again.

Warren and I did a little warm up and headed back to the start line. We squeezed our way in and were few people deep from the front of the pack. All runners were asked to share in a moment of silence for all the runners who were lost and injured in the Boston Marathon last Monday. We were counted down and off we went. I had 44:12 on my watch, that was my race time from last year and was hoping to beat it. As we ran I could see Warren in front of me and it made me happy to see him on the course.

While running I started to think about the Island Series races that I have done over the last four months. The first run was January 13th and that was the day that Warren had left for Halifax. I remember I had been looking forward to racing every other weekend because I enjoy running but also because it would help make the time Warren was away go by faster.  The races, meeting new people, seeing old friends, my running and even the weather were all part of an enjoyable and fun experience for me this year.

Congrats to us!

I felt great while running and set a personal best for me for any 10k race I have ever run. I crossed the finish line at 43:14 and came 6th in my age group. I finished the series with an overall standing of 5th in my age group. Warren placed 8th in his age group for yesterday’s run and crossed the finish line in a wicked time of 40:04. I am so proud of him and he rocked it!  Daniel placed 10th in his age group and came in under the time he had wanted to reach for this race. He zipped by me in the last sprint to the finish and was 5 seconds ahead of me.

Ice Cream pit stop
Daniel, Warren and I at the Shell Station having a post-race treat.

After the award ceremonies Daniel, Warren and I headed out into the pouring rain that started while we were inside the gym. Our next stop was the Shell Station for our ice cream cones. Daniel can’t eat ice cream so he had a popsicle.

In a past post I mentioned that one of my goals for this year was to take a few seconds off my 2012 race times and also to be happy with the times that I do get. Well, I can say that for five out of the eight races I beat last years race times. The three that I was slower on were anywhere between 10-20 seconds. When you aren’t a runner that amount of time seems so small but three seconds behind the person ahead of you is a lot,so 10 seconds is even more. I am happy with my eight races and know that I left all I had out on the road. I didn’t cross a finish line and then say ‘I could have run that faster.’

Overall I had a great day and a great series. I ran a run I am proud of, I got a hug from Warren after I crossed the finish line and I had ice cream. The little things are the big things.

So, has anyone set a goal in January and have accomplished it yet?


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