RRUn Away RRUn Away with the TC10k

This morning Warren and I, along with 10,000 of our closest friends ran the TC10k. Warren was running in the sub 40 group and I was registered to run in the 40-49 minute group.

Last year when I ran the run I waited with another lady at the end of the race line while all of the runners and walkers went through. Then just as they were closing the gate she and I ran through. With all the people who take part in the run I find it hard to be in ‘race mode’ because you typically take two steps back and then one forward. So, I had decided last year that I would go and enjoy the run and take the pressure off of feeling like I had to race.

This year when I registered for the run with Royal Roads University and our team RRUn Away RRUn Away, I was going to run the run the same as last year. I would take in all the sights and people and run my run. But when I went to the learn to run club at Frontrunners on Thursday night Rich and Sean started to talk to me about running the TC10k as a race. This morning when I woke up I was still uncertain as to what I was going to do. After running a race every other weekend as part of the Island Series since the beginning of January I was feeling done with racing.

As Warren and I walked to the race area we ran into Russell, one of the guys from the Learn to Run clinic. We stopped to say hello and see how he was feeling. He said he was energized and ready to go. I then saw a few other girls that were part of the clinic in passing. While standing close to the corral we ran into Rich and he asked if I was going to be headed to the front with him? It was at that moment I decided I would. I could get up to the front and then run how I wanted from there. Why not? As I was standing with Rich we ran into more runners from the Island Series and we all chatted and started out together. I was happy for that.

IMG_20130428_053443The count down was started and we were off. Dodging and weaving though people. My legs were feeling tired and if it hadn’t been for trying to keep up with Rich I probably would have fallen back. We would sometimes be side by side and sometimes one of us would be ahead but then catch up. A little under the half way mark Rich and I separated. We turned the corner and reached a hill and I got ahead. I didn’t realize it but Rich told me afterwards. I had just assumed he was close by. I don’t like to look back when I am running so I hadn’t realized he wasn’t close.

As I ran along I looked around at the people cheering us on and I saw my friend Emily in the crowd. It was nice to see her and I gave her a wave. As we came to Dallas Road you could feel a head wind hit you and push you back a little…lovely. But I kept going and took a look out at the water. I was hoping to take in the view of the mountains but you couldn’t see them clearly today. I then started to focus on some people in front of me and made my way along. I found the people I wanted to pass and help motivate myself to the finish. I had set 44 minutes on my watch today and I could feel that I wasn’t going to beat my Sooke River 10k time even before the race started. I needed a goal though to work towards.

As we rounded the corner on Belleville I told myself not to start to pick up my pace. I had done that in October when I ran the GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon because I thought the finish line was closer than it was. By the time I made it near what used to be the Wax Museum I was tuckered. So, I ran and once I hit the cross walk by the Wax Museum I started my sprint to the finish. It was a better finish than in the past and I crossed the line at 43:50. I was happy with that and felt good with my race.

I found Warren and he congratulated me and I him. He had let me know he had pulled something in his groin around the 4k mark and wasn’t happy with his race or his time overall. He did well in my eyes though and crossed at 40:59.  Next race for him to focus on is being part of the National team through his work and running in the Ottawa Race weekend the long weekend in May. My next race is the Goddess Half Marathon on June 2.

Congrats to all my teammates running with RRUn Away RRUn Away team and for placing third in the Education University and Post Secondary category.

How was your TC10k run today? Did you reach any goals that you had set for yourself? What is your next race?



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