Go Goddesses! Go!

Race number
Go Kyla! Go!

Today I am a Goddess and will be running with many other Goddesses for the second Victoria Goddess Run taking part in the Westshore area. I will be running in the half marathon starting at 8:00am and there is also a 10k and a 5k race taking place.

I had registered to do this run last year with my friend Grace but got injured a month before the run and wasn’t able to do it. I am happy to report that I am injury free this year and am ready to run my run.

It is a nice morning, the sun is shining and it is 11 degrees already. I have had my coffee and my breakfast. I have my Goddess Boogie playlist ready with all my tunes to move and groove to while I run. My race number and clothes are ready and set to put on. I am good to go.

Goddess Boogie playlist
Goddess Boogie playlist

Today Warren will be out on his bike riding around the course as I run and will meet me in different places. My friend Emily and our nephew Ryder will also be out cheering for me. I look forward to seeing them along with other cheerleaders cheering for other fellow Goddesses as we run by. It is always nice to have encouragement as you run no matter what the distance. Thank you in advance.

At the Women’s Expo and race kit pick up on Friday evening you could enter a ‘Predict your time’ contest at the ProMotion Plus booth. The time I predicted to finish today is 1:35:20. When I ran the Comox Valley Half Marathon in March that was my time so I am hoping to run the same time or thereabouts. I know it was a different course and I am not putting pressure on myself but it is nice to have a goal to work towards.

Good luck to all my fellow Goddesses and I look forward to seeing you on out on the road and at the finish.

Happy running!


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