Riding out the cob webs

IMG_20130604_061230Last night before bed I had decided that I would pump up my road bike tires so I could take Lily out for a spin. It has been about six or seven months since I had been on my road bike and I love early morning rides in the summer. I like to get out on the roads before there is a lot of traffic and I can have me time. It is kind of like I am Snow White when I am on my bike because it feels like it is just me, the sunrise, and the wildlife.

This morning there was no wind and it wasn’t all that cold. I was wearing my new kit that I got at Cyclesmith in Salt Lake City, Utah while we were in away on vacation. I had also found some pretty cool arm bandsIMG_20130604_064245 when we were in Scottsdale and I got to wear those  too. I always find wearing something new when working out gives you a revived feeling and I love it. This morning I got a double dose of feeling good because it had been so long since I had ridden on Lily.

I rode for an hour this morning and did 22k. I didn’t break any records for speed but I was out there just to get my legs moving and ride out the cob web feeling, They say you never forget how to ride a bike but I always feel nervous and unstable the first few times I go out. I turn corners slower than usual and ride the breaks a little more going down hill. Overall though it felt good to be out, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and it was a nice change from running.

Have you been out on your bike already? How was your first ride?




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