Slow and Sore…did not win!

So, this morning I got up with lots of time to go to the gym but found I wasn’t moving very fast. I had taken a long time getting lunch ready and drinking my coffee so I ended up talking myself out of going to the gym. I would still have to ride Huli to get there so by the time I left I wouldn’t have much time to do anything so why bother?

Cardio & Strength workout
The workout Kelly had the group do. Paul and I had split the totals and did half each…except for the burpees. We only had to do 50 each.

I had also been feeling muscle soreness in my legs from Saturday’s race but then went to the cardio and strength class on Monday during my lunch break at Royal Roads. The class is taught at by Kelly who owns Tone the Zone and I know that her workouts are going to make my body hurt but I love that feeling though and I enjoy her classes.

Then on Monday night Warren and I went to hike Mount McDonald. It was a nice night and we wanted to make the most of the summer evenings and daylight. I had discovered this mountain in the March when another friend Kelley posted on Facebook that she was hiking it . I wanted to show Warren and go on a new adventure together. Since he was born and raised in Victoria he is typically showing me new places so it now it was my turn.

Top of Mount McDonald
W and I at the top of Mount McDonald

I knew that I was going to be going for a run with Amanda and Kate today at lunch so that would be doing something active but I was feeling guilty for not going to the gym. So, I told myself there was no reason why I couldn’t do an ab workout at home and throw in some push ups. So, I did three rounds of a workout and felt better for doing so. I then got ready for work but instead of putting on my work clothes and riding Huli; I put on my running stuff, packed my clothes and lunch in my backpack and away I went. I was going to get some more cardio in. My legs were not liking the running motion but once they got warmed up it was better.

Lunch time came and I was almost dreading running again because as the morning went on, the more soreness started creeping in from Kelly’s class. I was bound and determined to go though and I knew that once I got going I would be happy I went and I was. Amanda, Kate, Sarah and I chatted as we ran and the half hour flew by. It was great running through the trails, being out in the sun and with my friends. Overall I had a great day and got a workout in even if it wasn’t what I had woke up thinking I would do.

How do you push through soreness? What gets you out the door?




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