Summer rain

This morning I had planned on going for a ride on Lily but it was raining outside. I am not a fan of riding my road bike in the rain so I decided to run to the gym. I had brought my lunch to work the day before so my backpack was light with just my clothes in it.

I was in a good mood and listening to my iPod while having coffee before I left. I would randomly sing words or lines from songs and Warren would laugh at me because he wouldn’t know what song I was signing. It was a great way to start the morning…even if I do sing off-key.
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I left the house a little before 6:00am and decided I would grab my running jacket because of the rain. I put it on over my backpack and it looked like I had a hump but I was hoping to keep my clothes dry. As I was running along I was feeling constricted by the jacket and I was too warm. I don’t typically wear a jacket when I run, even in the winter. This morning was a warm summer morning even with the rain and I was about 10 minutes into my run and had to remove my coat. I just needed to feel free, enjoy my run and the rain. By the time I arrived at the gym I wasn’t too wet and my clothes were dry.

Once I arrived at the gym I didn’t need to do cardio so I lifted some free weights and did some core exercises before I got ready for work. It was a great way to start my Thursday.

When you wake to a rainy morning do you go out and play? If you typically stay inside try venturing out next time.


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